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Can you Layer Molecule 01 WITH XS Mones?

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  • Can you Layer Molecule 01 WITH XS Mones?

    I’ve heard for a long time the pheromone-properties of Molecule 01, and that it’s designed to give any fragrances layered on TOP of it an extra boost to last longer.

    Any researchers here (Coconut? Steve-O? Etc?) Could you layer one of the pheromone product on top of Molecule 01 to give your mones an extra boost? Curious

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    I have tried but personally I prefer using the xs blends without it. Molecule 01 affects my sense of smell and taste in a way that puts me off. Xs spray blends already have carriers to increase the hit range. To increase the effect I would rather use xsp79.
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      I played around quite a bit with ISO E, but in fraction quantities. I am sensitive to it's smell now and can pick it out in a lot of fragrances - A LOT - it's crazy.
      Could be the quantity I used wasn't significant enough, but for myself I didn't pick out any specific amplification. To be fair, XS products are already pretty potent...
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        Have never tried it with XS products as they are pretty potent on their own, Molecule 01 wears more like a skin scent, so if you wanted a skin scent you could always try using a cotton scented perfume fragrance that would be light and wear close to the skin, but with xs products being pretty strong to start with a cotton scented perfume wouldn't be strong enough to cover some of the XS products to start with
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