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XS216 30-06 AMMO

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  • XS216 30-06 AMMO


    XS216 is supposedly XS's take on an old favorite called AMMO or Ammunition. I don't know what the old stuff was like. I'm not able to do any comparisons though I'm sure some experienced people will draw comparisons. I looked into old threads on the web and one person thought it was a 1,1,1 enone, rone, anol. I have tried that idea before and my at home experiments did not produce this. The ingredients could be correct but not the proportions.

    This is different than many of Steve's mixes. Many of his blends unfold over time like a good perfume or high end edt. This to me is one dimensional. It's just POW like a gunshot or a knockout punch. As I reach for explanations, a couple times I have seen the old Batman series that when they fight the comic blurbs flash across the screen BAM, ZOWIE, POW. This is POW but when I walk in a room it's more like a gunshot went off than a punch. And I'm not talking a small gun like a pistol. not a 38, not a 9mm and not even a 45. As I woke up the caliber came to me, AN old WW1 rifle still used in deer hunting today, The 30-06, its thunderous and round with an echo you can hear through the valley. Its not the modern crack of an AR15's 223 or even a hypervelocity 6 or 6.5mm wildcat. It has more weight, its rounder and heavier but not like a 40 caliber elephant gun, not quite the sharper crack of the 308 NATO 29 degree neck but older gently sloped shoulder of the old WW1 aught 6.

    I walk into a room, a big gun just went off.

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    Well! That's one HELLUVA description!
    You're never too old to learn NuTrix ^_~


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      This definitely sounds like a BANGer


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        I used to use AMMO from original Androtics and it was my favourite product from their range because hits were obvious. I can't wait to purchase one of these for my next order
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        all cover scented with Pepper & Nutmeg


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          I went out for a bit. We are still in a post holiday covid swell so it was brief and contacts were limited. People stood at attention. One man a lot taller than me called me sir. I can't say I've seen attraction hits in retail environments yet but contacts are limited. I seem to have settled on 2 sprays. One may do something but I kinda like the Boom/Pow of 2.

          I tried a combo with half a pump of SX-9. SX9 doesn't do much for me but it is supposed to be like NUDE and I'm looking for something to use it for. With "Aught Six" I had an overwhelming urge to grab women by the back of the head and smash their faces into my crotch. I upped it to a full pump, which is a lot and the sexual urges turned into venomous hatred on the internet. Possibly because I needed the back of a head to grab.

          GARY from LAL has a product named Venom that he never released. This combo could be called Venom and quite appropriately. It is not sneaky like a snake though, it still had the POW but the keyboard was poisonous. Instead of washing, I tried some female pheromones and the strongest ones finally started to bring it down. I was able to engage with people peacefully at the corner store and ZOOM But I would guess i was coming off like a murderous pervert at the store. In ZOOM I settled into a twilight like half sleep in an attempt to not say anything rude or mean.

          And today I am all fine again This is a powerful alpha, alone or comboed with much less restraint than 215 alpha leader and a bit more social talkative but at the same time I don't want to be chatty talkative. My SXX9 combo isn't social in the normal sense though it is talkitive enough. It so close to pathological that one could get in serious trouble

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            XSteveO Name suggestion. What do you think of Aught Six? I think its like API is short for 314. It may give future purchasers an idea of what to expect without stealing an Androtiics name.

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