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Anyone use subliminals?

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  • I think it's worth noting that DMSI and pheromones don't play well together. It threw off my results from both subs and pheromones when I mixed pheromones with 3.1 and 3.2. Oddly enough, I had good results mixing pheromones and dmsi 3.0.1... I can't comment on 3.3 since I haven't used it yet. AM6 and SM3 work VERY well with pheromones, based on personal experience. I recommend running am6 then sm3 for many reasons. Mainly because AM6 has rock solid alpha male programming, which then leads into SM3, which in and of itself is a "I'm a man and I'll take what I want from you" sexual prowess. It's a year long commitment though, as each program is 6 months each. But it's totally worth it, and you can use pheromones with them so that's a plus.

    I had a chance to converse with a few people who've run Primal, and the general consensus is that it's raw animal sexuality and dominance. My friend in SoCal went on a date with this HOT chick (he sent pics), and he turned her ass DOWN because she wasn't what he was looking for. Like he straight up went "NOPE, u ain't it girl". I've known him for a few years and that's not what I remember him as lol but he's been incredibly dominant and assertive with his character lately and it's solid to see the transformation in him. I'll be filming an interview regarding primal in the next coming weeks and will report back. If anyone has any suggestions on which subliminal you'd like to hear reviewed, let me know!

    What if you decide that you do not wish to leave your sexual and dating life up to external circumstances and what others dictate to you? What if you decide, that since it is your life, you should have control over it? Welcome to PRIMAL.


    • I think it's worth noting that it says on the product page that DMSI and pheromones don't play well together. That's because DMSI is designed to generate a natural pheromone cloud that is optimized for making you irresistibly sexually attractive, and adding to it will disrupt what is already optimal. The only way to make that pheromone cloud better is to know exactly how to make it stronger than it is, which you can't. And while artificial pheromones can give you a pheromone signature many times as strong as a natural one, only your subconscious can know what your ideal pheromone signature is for achieving a specific goal.

      I am of course not saying that you should never use artificial pheromones, they do and will always have their place as a valid and useful and important tool in the toolbox of those in the know. But you should not try to use artificial pheromones with DMSI, and I said that right there on the product page from the first time I added the module that creates that optimized pheromone signature.


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        Agreed, your information is pretty clear on the product page. Since we're on a pheromone forum i thought it'd be worth mentioning, but the pheromone producing aspect of DMSI is very strong.

    • Noob question i got silent subliminally. Do they work?!
      Pheromone XS
      Oil: evolve, xist
      Spray: Xist, Evolve, cohesion, sob


    • Originally posted by Primross View Post
      Noob question i got silent subliminally. Do they work?!
      It does work. It's just the frequency that our ears cannot pickup at normal volume. If you turn the volume up, you can hear the squeaky sounds but it means the volume is way too high for your ears.


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        ah thanks BB now i know

    • I've been running UMS by Indigo Mind Labs (Catlord17) for something like 6 months or so (forgot when I started). Between then and now, a LOT has happened.... but it felt like nothing was happening at all during the first few months. the goals of UMS aligned with my own goals so I decided to myself that I'm just going to ride it out for the long haul. Since AM6 and SM3 took a grand total of a year and I was more than wiling to commit to that, I thought I'd better do UMS the same justice. As opposed to hopping onto a sublminal for a month then chasing after the next subliminal. For me, that was a key aspect in seeing some serious and life changing results. It's gotten me to think about improving my financial situation nonstop. I have lived a comfortable life for the past few years, but it's getting better. Business has exploded and I was given a c-level executive position at my job. I've built up my credit score from "580" to 730, and I've got about $3,000 invested in the stock market. I also saved up enough money to have an emergency fund just in case.

      But I don't really feel anything "in the moment". I can't tell the difference between days that I listen, or while I'm listening. But this subliminal has been a bit like investing with compound interest. Add a little bit, every day, and the entire amount multiplies, every day. It's a very interesting subliminal, and I'll be riding this subliminal out for the foreseeable future.



      • UMS Review up -- > https://youtu.be/U6qDF46bjgY


        • Sure, both the free Emotional Pain Relief & Healing Aid and also the AM sub.
          You dream more while listening to subliminals, so why not? It's fun, you should try it.


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