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Anyone use subliminals?

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  • Anyone use subliminals?

    I have been experimenting a bit but little to report.

    Anyone using subliminals with success? Which ones? What is your listening set-up?
    Bad Wolf

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    I've used silent subs by Real Subliminals. Back over at Pherotruth, someone recommended them with a max of three tracks played on repeat.

    I don't know if it was all placebo or not, but I did notice that I slowly changed for the better. I haven't been listening to them since and have found myself reverting back to my usual introverted self so I'd say they're successful when used.

    Setup: 3-4 silent tracks in a playlist set on repeat played through a speaker connected to my ipod. Had it play constantly at all times in my room. If you have an office at work, you can set it up to play as well somewhere out of sight. The tracks I used focused on improving confidence, conversation skills, attracting success, and either being an alpha male or improving visualization ability.
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      I've try real subliminals a couple of years back but I notice absolutely no difference


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        I use subliminals i tried both visual and sounds.
        Visual i did not observe effect but the spoken subliminals did have obvious effect.
        My observation to be most effective is to use them laying down and relaxing,
        closing my eyes, relaxing my body, and listen up to 1 hour before bed,
        it takes up too 3 weeks to reach a very relaxed and calmed state,
        when u feel u reached ur goal, then u can listen 2 times weekly to remain on that level.
        I did my own with cubase program and with delta waves,
        very effective for me
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          I read somewhere that you can hypnotize yourself. When you are about to fall asleep,your mind because like that of child's or baby if you will and anything you repeat will stick and the mind will automatically believe it.

          We hypnotize ourselves everyday with the words we use.

          I tried it on myself and my 3 year old niece and it worked. I use to tell her before she fell asleep that everybody loves her , her grandpa, granma , me , her mom , dad uncle etc. And to this day she will say the exact thing to me although I never did it after age 3.

          Back to the words we use. In the Sean Stephenson's motivational vid that Steve posted one of the things I will always remember is when he said. If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all. That pertains to ourselves as well.

          When I was younger, cuz am an older kitty now I had the perfect body, awesome skin etc but was very insecure. I am more confident and secure than I have ever been in my life because I take care and love me and am no longer hard on myself.


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            Yes i find great videos in youtube, but from that i started
            to make my own, i got soundwave mp3 from youtube
            with delta waves, the waves that will appear
            in the brIn just before you sleep.
            The i mixed that recordingmy own subliminals
            and also my own selfhypnosis,
            it works great, and im balancing on the level where in just about to fall asleep,
            Ii reached a good level of selfharmony and then i started just maintain my state,
            but in the past i have been lazy, so i must take it up again, so this post
            is a great reminder to start up again.
            I must add that it feels more effective hearing my own voice telling the hypnotic
            words, i feel thats important, our mind seems to feel little bit wrong to hear
            " i feel relaxed " spoken by other person then my own voice...
            My pheromones from Pheromonexs : Ascend, Cohesion, Evolve, Bliss, Odyssey, Impact, Exotica, Flirt, Vibe, Xist 10 ml
            Taboo 30 ml
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              Sorry i meant theta waves, delta waves will make us sleep so to slow frequency.
              They have mp3 that go from 8 hz that is a relaxed stated to around 3.5 hz and thats where
              we are very near to fall asleep.
              My pheromones from Pheromonexs : Ascend, Cohesion, Evolve, Bliss, Odyssey, Impact, Exotica, Flirt, Vibe, Xist 10 ml
              Taboo 30 ml
              SOB, Loveboat test


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                This is an awesome thread. Anyone have a youtube link to an example?


                • #9
                  Check out these ones:
                  George Hutton had his own Channel, but had complaints from
                  negative people, and Youtube cancelled his account. What a shame.
                  He did the videos so well. Unique.
                  So now there are many people who saved his videos and upload them.
                  Just search for george hutton hypnosis.

                  Also better to read self hypnosis books and practice the relaxation techniques
                  to yourself, in your mind, as you are laying down comfortable for at least
                  10 minutes. After a few months you will be better at what it is that you programmed
                  in your subconsciousness.

                  The best analogy is, your brain is a computer, and your mind is the computer
                  software. As you reprogram your mind, your brain will respond with memory
                  neuron pathways, that make the new thought processes. And these new thought
                  processes will change your behavior towards this new way of thinking. If you truly
                  believe in your goals, they will come true very quickly.

                  There are many hypnosis videos on youtube as well:
                  The list goes on. Youtube search will give you almost unlimited results.
                  Good Luck

                  Smile and be Happy


                  • eternitys_child
                    eternitys_child commented
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                    Thank you very much! This is amazing resources

                • #10
                  I'm using subs from Subliminal-shop.com. These are insanely effective. I started with a free one, Emotional Pain and Healing Relief Aid. In one week, I was no longer drinking alone when my wife went to work, or looking at porn. I used it for 32 days (8-10 hours per day, using the silent ultrasonic on a bluetooth speaker wherever I'm on my laptop AND while I sleep), before switching to Alpha Male 6.0 (which is crazy).

                  To this day, I have no interest in porn/masturbation OR drinking except in social situations or a beer with dinner while out. On the other hand, I now want and expect sex from my wife multiple days per week, and along with AM 6.0 I'm realizing I have allowed myself to be manipulated into once/month sex like too many married men on the planet. My marriage is in an upheaval of sorts, because I have stopped tolerating "man-hating" behavior, am setting boundaries, have made it clear a sexless marriage (no matter HOW "busy & tired" she is) is UNACCEPTABLE and I WILL LEAVE if necessary. I have extracted my balls back out of her purse!

                  I'm on stage 2 of 6 thirty-two day stages, and there's been so much change in me, I'm starting to wonder if my marriage will survive it. If it doesn't, it'll be for the best. I have hope for the future, for my career, for my health (I started back working out 6 days/week with ferver I haven't had in years). Frickin' amazing, man. I've even been putting family members, who've been use to treating me like a 2nd class citizen, in their place. And the look on their faces, and their behavior change following, is awesome. I even had to have a chat with my mom, who thinks she still needs to parent her 35 year old son on how to raise his own child. That was priceless, liberating, and now she is much more respectful.

                  Can't wait to see what the future has in store!


                  • potiongirl
                    potiongirl commented
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                    From which subliminals did you stop drinking and looking at porn? I mean, was it the 1st one? Emotional Pain and Healing? And then you moved on to Alpha Male? good for you! Healing with subs work.

                  • RTBoss
                    RTBoss commented
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                    Yes, the EPRHA sub. I like the new one better - EHPRA 2.0 (Shannon changed the name of the series, hence the different order of the letter, lol).

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                  RTB I'm excited that you had positive results especially in relations to the drinking bit. Anybody else have positive reviews about Subliminal-shop? I'm willing to spend some dough on it because I've always believed in subconscious programming


                  • #12
                    Try one of the free subs for 32 days...it'll make you a believer, and your experience will trump anyone else's testimonial. My sister just purchased Overcome Procrastination 4G - I'll report back on how it affects her. She is a HUGE procrastinator.
                    Last edited by RTBoss; 01-05-2015, 03:13 PM.


                    • #13
                      I can confirm that the product from subliminal shop are 100% legit. I've been using Alpha male for more than a year, I'm almost a complete different person. I'm upgraded, I've almost no fear in social situation, body language learnt without doing anything. I would say I came from alpha 10% to alpha 80% just to use some number. They are great product, try the free program Absoulte self confidence for 32 days and you will be a believer for sure.
                      With that kind of product you can almost forget about pheromones which is what I did for 1 year. I'm testing pheromones know from Androtics and it's hard to see if the result come from the subliminal or the phero, even if I see some strong effect from phero.

                      I'm a member in sublimal talk : you can contact me over there if you want.
                      Forget to mention: apparently SteveO is some kind of friend with the Subliminal shop creator, he was also the guy name CatLord in the pherotalk forum.
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                      • #14
                        I have personally tested some of CatLord's Catlord17 (Subliminal shop creator) stuff and it does work for me.
                        But before jumping on his paid products test out some of his free stuff
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                          I consider myself a hypnosis skeptic. But whenever my wife says the word "tambourine", I find myself removing my pants.


                          • RTBoss
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                          If you are a hypnosis skeptic try that :
                          I've use that program I learnt how to sleep in ~10 mins most of the time, I think I can even to on command sleep but I need more practice. Of course I can do much more with hypnosis but it's the more useful stuff to be able to sleep when you want it. I have never been on the bed without sleeping in the 30min since then and when I do that it's because I don't focus my attention.


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                            RTboss, I purchased the LTU 3.1 and have been using it for the past 2 months or so. I've seen improvements, but not sure if it is just me trying to work on improving the things that are listed in the product description, or if it is actually the subs. I see the AM6 description has like this huge list of things that it will "change" about you, I'm wondering, is it possible that the subs are just super placebo because its so expensive, and people will try to make those improvements themselves, and it will feel like the sub, when it is in reality just the user making those changes, that are listed in the description, himself.

                            I'm thinking of purchasing AM6, then either WM or SM; but I'm still skeptical


                            • RTBoss
                              RTBoss commented
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                              I haven't used LTU, as it's in AM6. Haven't gone outta my way to "change," I'm just CHANGING. Use the other free stuff if you still are gun-shy.

                            • Theron
                              Theron commented
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                              LTU is supposed to be used after AM6 actually, it is a carry over product to build you up once you are at a desirable level.....let us know how it works for you

                            • Catlord17
                              Catlord17 commented
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                              Theron - Actually, LTU is a completely stand alone product, and has nothing to do with AM. AM has a refresher stage.

                          • #18
                            Awesome, I must admit that I checked out sub shop and got completely immersed in that forum and store that I haven't even bothered to check back here. I'm a believer based on reading some journals, and I was actually reading a lot of your stuff alpha360!

                            And I have seen a lot of posts from catlord on pt. I'm sure that a combined effort of subs and mones will do wonders! I might have to go ahead and make the purchase for AM 6.0 seems like it's offered at a dirt cheap price compared to the value and results people are obtaining from it.


                            • RTBoss
                              RTBoss commented
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                              Exactly. A whole-life change for chump-change.

                          • #19
                            I'm using one of their 4G subliminal currently and even if it is only 23$ it's really powerful stuff. I'm dreaming of girls wanting me every night. Just for that it's worth the 23$ xD. But it's not just that, I think that way now, I feel like girl wants me and they do, more than before. And every day it seems to get better.
                            I have used AM5 and AM6 before, most of the stuff said in the program was true, I didn't get all effect yet but according to him you have to run 3 times to get all the results. The most evident stuff is my body language started to change around the 3rd stage exactly like it was said, I didn't do anything to change that. If it was placebo then placebo is really powerful I would say. But that's just words, test it in your life and you'll see yourself, everyone experience it differently. If you believe the subliminal is placebo then test it on someone who is not aware of it : friend, family.
                            With his free "Absolute self confidence" some user report some change around the 2nd day of use.


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                              well i've been listening to AM6 by subliminal-shop since the 5th and it's solid. I notice that a lot of shameful and guilty memories pop up, but i gradually ease through the feelings whereas before the sub, if i had one of those memories, i would feel the shame or guilt. Perhaps that's coming to terms with myself?

                              I've been penning notes to myself in a journal I'm keeping so I can keep track of my progress.

                              As for my set up, I have headphones for day usage, and at night I have two computer speakers on either side of my pillow facing each other. It's a very close proximity, and it might as well be headphones lol, but they won't fall off in my sleep


                              Ad down