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How you are dealing with self isolation ?

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  • How you are dealing with self isolation ?

    It's been a second month here staying home and not seeing anyone.
    Thank God i have my boy next to me because otherwise i was about to be in a very bad mental condition.
    How do you guys deal with all the boredness.
    I personally trying not to take it as a lockdown but being home safe.
    We are going once a week for a shopping and we are going to the farest store so we can walk a bit.
    Also they reopened the parks with some laws of course but people can go for a jogging at the morning before 9:30 which is totally fine by me.
    Last day i was in a park for 2 hours so today i stayed home because my legs are in so much pain

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    I am used to be alone, so for me life has not been that much different.

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    • Phaethon
      Phaethon commented
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      Same here.

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    I try and get to the shops for food shopping and to be out and do some sport, watch films in the Evening etc.
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      Gardening, gardening aaaannnd ....gardening
      I'm pretty busy with my job and this helps me to come down, to "ground" myself.
      I love to cook and what's better than going to the garden and collect some fresh home grown herbs, vegetables and hot chilies for your dish.
      I am never bored, I simply don't have the time to get bored


      • Silvia
        Silvia commented
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        ooooooooooooh,that great!
        I wish i could be in my hometown so i can be in the garden too :(

      • Phaethon
        Phaethon commented
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        Create yourself a little urban garden if you can.
        A terrace, a flat roof, a balkony or even a windowsill can be used for urban gardening.
        Use your google-fu for some inspiration

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      Phaethon yes i really want to but its impossible.I can't even have some flowers,only cactuses because i am living on a first floor and there is no sunlight and there is a lot of trees in front of our apartament.
      Anyways we are looking to take an apartament soon and one of the conditions is TERRACE!


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        Originally posted by Silvia View Post
        I can't even have some flowers,only cactuses because i am living on a first floor and there is no sunlight and there is a lot of trees in front of our apartament.
        Begonias, fuchsias, bluebells, primroses and impatiens walleriana (lat.) for instance love shadowed places, they don't like direct sunlight


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