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Amazing service!!!! And something about the pheromone

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  • Amazing service!!!! And something about the pheromone

    Today I woke up and was surprised by the package right outside my door, then again surprised by how much effort the staffs have put into the packaging to look as sweet as possible :3. The surprise didnt end there tho... 3 free samples including cohesion, love boat and taboo!!! I just have to say... You guys are THE BEST!!!

    So right after finishing the candies that came with the package, I tried the sample spray of love boat. TBH I only smelt like the scent of alcohol and which vanished instantly... Is this normal???

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    Thanks very much. We do our best to get things right.

    Love Boat doesn't have a lot of mone smell but that might be because it uses mostly XSR molecules over smelly stuff like nols

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      asianboii loveboat is like that

      you'll know it's working when you spray a few sample sprays and you feel a mood lift


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