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    So I purchased XIST last week and got a few samples of Ascend ,cohesion and love boat (thanks Steve o). I posted the whole backstory about what's been going on in our relationship also. This weekend I gave xist and love boat a try. First xist itself then both the 2nd day. I'm also working on myself in the mean time but we weren't on the best of terms before I went over there being out conversation on my lack of affection, validation, and emotional connection after I got sober a few years back but things were different this weekend. Like I said I was also trying to work on these goals but idk if it was a coincidence but this is the message she sent me after I came back home. She said it "felt different" and she felt she could " express herself freely ". We didn't have the deepest conversations of our relationship but we had conversations about how we felt (which I don't do I've been emotionless these past few years in my sobriety). I noticed a difference in this weekend she noticed a difference also. Now I kept it private that I'm testing these pheromones so she wouldn't act weird but I have to say either it was a huge coincidence that all this "difference" occured this weekend or these pheromones played a part in the openess and different connection we had this weekend. Just wanted to come share this as I thought it was pretty cool the experience we had together that we haven't had in awhile. Test 2 coming this weekend I'll be sure to give an update!

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    Happy for you!!!!!


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      Awesome that she's noticing a difference!
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