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Thanks for your excellent customer service!

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  • Thanks for your excellent customer service!

    A huge thank you to Silvia from the EU-Hub and the entire XS-Team, I hope you're all safe.

    After I ordered some APi in September 2020 the shipment got lost but I decided to wait because sometimes DHL realizes that something went wrong. But it can take some weeks (or month) till you receive your shipment.

    I was surprised when I received the lost shipment on January 4th but it was reshipped from the EU-Hub (including a nice little gift) and I even didn't ask for it to be reshipped.
    To be honest I'm too tired when I get home from work to sit down and write mails.
    Excellent customer service - you guys rock!

    I placed a new order on February 15th and received my goodies at February 24th. Nine days from Bulgaria to Germany despite corona, excellent!!
    And thanks again Silvia for the nice gift, I love it

    I already placed a new order for some more because APi makes my (up to) 12 hours working days a lot easier.

    Stay well and take care dear XS-Team and entire community.

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    Thank you so much for the sweet words!
    You rock!
    Lets hope this virus will go away soon so we can all get back to normal


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      Thankyou for my order, recieved it today!
      very quick
      love love the little toy car with the teddy bear inside, soo cute!
      XSPerfumes 10ml Sprays Comply,Sexy Confidence,Bitch, Celebrity, Babe,XSential Body Spray for women, P86, P114,P106,Mascot,Engage,BNOL,Sweetness,EST, Tease,Odyssey,Temptress,Flirt,Fairytale,Girlfriend ,Sleaze

      Oils: Fantasy,Copulin,Connections,DesireMe,Xist

      Scented LPMP : Cuddle Bunny, Lumina, LFM, Bang, SS4W, Cougar
      OCCO: Red, Gold, Pink, Blue, Cherry Tabac, Lam, Phero Girl
      Butter Scotch


      • KateD
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        I want a toy car with a teddy inside

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      I Appreciate You Dj Khaled GIF


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        Valentines Day Love GIF by Chibird


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          I am in the same boat as Phaethon .
          Had my original order lost.Yet in my case i am pretty sure customs have something to do with this.
          After discussing with Kate they had my order reshipped from EU hub.
          To my surprise they are located in Sofia, Bulgaria.My neighbors.So i had my order in 2 days !!
          When i opened my parcel with all that little emoji and stickers it felt like my birtday (yep even though i paid for it).
          Cool handwriting Silvia, good for love letters.
          Let's just say for now i'm happy with my order


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            Looks so cool.


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              Originally posted by Silvia View Post
              Valentines Day Love GIF by Chibird
              I love that GIF


              Ad down