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How much and reapplication over 36 hours

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  • How much and reapplication over 36 hours

    Hi everyone! I am new to using the pheromones and am really scared about overdosing and causing negative effects. As a result, i think I’ve been actually under applying. I’ve tried to read over everything on this forum but would really, really appreciate any guidance on how much is too much and how to handle reapplying so It doesn’t build up and turn negative. I will be staying with a partner of mine for approximately 36 hours and I want to use the pheromones to intensify our already amazing physical relationship but even more so to amplify the love/bonding part. We don’t get to see each other often so I want to make the most of these 36 hours. Any suggestions for what to use and how often to apply? I’ve been having good results so far with xist/w so I’m definitely planning to use that. I was considering doing 1 spray of it and also 1 drop of the oil for longevity. What else should I add and how do I make sure it doesn’t become too much? Thank you sooo much for your help!!

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    There are online guides on the XS site that give you the approximate hours they last. Other things can factor into how long they last too though (is it warm/humid, sweating, air-conditioning, showering) but for average time the site is a good place to start.

    I will say for me personally, I have never had to reapply more than once a day. I get pretty good longevity, even with the sprays. My re-apps are usually 8-10 hrs apart. So say I apply at 9am and want to go out later that night. I would probably apply whatever I'm wearing later sometime after 6pm.

    I'm sure others will be along to share their personal experiences too.

    I hope you have a pheromone fabulous 36 hrs!


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      Thank you so much for your help! It’s sounding like reapplying and it having a negative impact is nothing I need to worry about. Thank you for the reassurance!


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      I get 8-12 hours even from the sprays.

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