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  • Fairytale Reviews??

    I received a sample of fairytale a while ago and I'm not quite sure what to do with it or how to use. I haven't seen many reviews. Anyone have an reviews or thoughts on fairytale?

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    Is that you in your picture? You are beautiful, if so! If not, i'm sure you still are.

    I'd try one sample spray and work yourself up. I found fairytale to be a bit of a status blend. But not alpha status like Temptress, even less so than babe because there is a softness to fairytale that babe lacks. People will move out of your way and you will garner more attention, but not out of fear or intimidation. A bit more out off reverence it seems like? There are definitely men who are attracted to this signature.

    I find it quite versatile. I don't do too well with straight on status so this works for me, especially when I add on something soft and bonding. Fairytale + xist for women is one of my favorite combinations

    I don't think I have any reviews for Fairytale worn solo but I typed up some reviews with fairytale combos in my jounral:


    In post number 12 in this thread, Delight talks about Fairytale



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      Thank you for the compliment Isis! I tested this one out yesterday solo. My sister's architecture chapter hosted an event where they did tours of nice homes built in the 1950's in my city, and I was one of the volunteers. I decided to test out Fairytale solo.

      Self effects: I felt soft and more pretty.... not necessarily gorgeous or glam but like Pretty Princess.

      Effect on Others: When I checked into the event I noticed that everyone kept staring at me in awe, but kept their distance. Even people that I've known for a while. It was like I was a celebrity or royalty. I definitely felt a "look but don't touch" vibe going on. After about 30 minutes, people started to warm up and come talk to me, and when they did they wanted to tell me interesting stories or say something to impress me (men and women). I noticed that people who were financially well off , like the owners of the homes we were touring (these were multi-million dollar homes), sought me out and were very friendly with me. Their interactions hinted at a familiarity and comfortableness even though this was our first time meeting. Like I was one of them. I've seen people say they've had a similar response with wealthy people using Celebrity.

      Conclusion: Overall I'm pleased with this. I'll definitely try your suggestion and mix it with Xist/w. I will say that I received lots of invitations to events and parties last night. :-)


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