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  • Bitch uncovered

    Has anyone ever had this happen? I tested Bitch 1 spray below neckline. I didnt cover it with anything. I noticed the aroma as strong but pleasant to me. It did make me a little nervous knowing that family members would be able to detect it. I took a shower assuming it would wear off but afterward, there was still a faint aroma remaining. Anyway, i ask because i wonder if anyone has had a similar experience with this particular product or another that has wore it uncovered? What were the effects on self? Others?

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    I tested Bitch extensively and have a test thread for it, Bitch has a certain smell before it dries down, but nothing that can be detected by others. Easy to cover too.

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      I can't speak to Bitch specifically because I haven't got it.

      Molecules like androstenone, androstadienone, beta androstenol and cops are all molecules I find noticable sometimes have had bleed through with fragrances - eek! It still happens with Vibe whenever I don't cover with something of my own (I got it with Pink Sugar or Sweet Sensations, I can't remember which...)

      As much as I've noticed them, no one else has yet to mention that I smell or has asked, "what's that smell?" Except my Mr directly after spraying them on in our bedroom before adding a cover fragrance And even he has only said something smelled sour or off, not that it smelled bad...sooooo, I guess that's a good thing
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