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    I am stopping in to say hello. Newbie here and have read some post before making a purchase. I thank you you guys for the information you have shared!!! I never had a problem with getting the ladies trust me, my game was good. After spending some time living over seas I am not sure what happen comming back to the states, but something was just off on my game. So I have this woman who is 40 and she has put me in the FZ. I purchased Xist and Evolve, and yesterday was the first time I used the two together. I have the oil used 2 Xist and 1 Evolve. It did not take long I mean a few minutes and I could tell things where different with her. She asked what I was wearing and sniffed up my whole chest to my neck. When leaving she kissed me nothing crazy just a kiss but that has never happened before. She wanted to meet me out for lunch today and I said hello and gave her a hug. She was having a bad day and complaining, but in just a few minutes her attitude changed and was have being flirty and just enjoying being with me, it was like nothing else mattered. And she was sniff on me and telling I smell good. Here is the part I was worried about, her friend Elizabeth (that what she calls it) is about to visit. I was worried I would get a different result. I am shocked and it is not just her. Just going to run into the store I have women being so nice to me. I will post more she asked me to go to dinner tonight. Bye bye FZ. Thanks guys your post helped with my first purchase. I look forward to trying out different mones and letting you know how they worked for me.

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    Welcome! Thanks for the report. Since you had such fast results it's obvious and attraction already existed. Sounds like your timing was good. The more she distanced herself and her mindset changed the harder it would be to get results like you did. Keep us posted.
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