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    Hello everyone, just introducing myself. I’m a 34yo white male with a cheating 43yo latina wife with two children and been married over a decade.

    Some background:

    Around a year and a half back things between the wife and myself had been getting progressively worse and worse. A year before then I went through a bad episode of depression and impotence.

    Come to find out my testosterone levels had bottomed out and that was the cause of everything. But when I started testosterone replacement therapy I developed hidradenitis suppuritiva, a disease of apocrine glands (where the majority of pheromones are excreted I believe) resulting in painful boils and abscesses in my armpits, groin, tailbone area and INSIDE my anus!

    Needless to say, once I received my diagnosis and two and two were put together and a surgeon figured out the testosterone was the cause of my troubles (after being cut open to drain quite a few times), I stopped taking the testosterone and all my problems returned.

    My wife wasn’t happy since I had no desire to have sex. She likes to have sex everyday and I was forcing myself to do it at least once a week with the help of a blue pill 😉

    i never stopped loving or trying to please her, but she started pushing me away. Being mean to me all the time, even berating and cursing me during sex. Telling me just to cum and get it over with. I spent many nights crying on the couch and wondering what I was doing wrong and why she was pushing me away when I needed her most. In sickness and health and all that.

    One night sitting next to her a text came through, pictures a coworker was sending her, shirtless and flexing showing his muscles off. There was a big fight, but she assured me that she wasn’t that kind of woman. This particular guy had a reputation for being a manwhore, sleeping with anyone he could get his hands on and using prostitutes when needed. She sent out a text “calling him out” why did you send me that type of thing and I believed that was it.

    She promised me she would never do that to our family and she wouldn’t talk to him outside of work related crap from now on. Of course she was having an affair and looking at phone records, she waited until I went to sleep that night to sext with him trading pictures back and forth. Phone records would show even though they worked together they were texting 24/7 hundreds of times a day and especially when I was on the road in the morning taking the kids to school and when I was asleep.

    Around that time I bought some pheromone cologne from another vendor. It was oil and I started dabbing it on right before she got home so maybe she’d be nicer to me. I restarted testosterone therapy and decided to fight my apocrine disease with massive doses of zinc and turmeric daily (mostly successful) in order to give her the daily dick she requires.

    Things got better and better between us until she was back in love with me and begging me not to sleep on the couch since I had become accustom to and preferred my independence.

    Then a couple days before Christmas we went to the store to get stocking stuffers for the kids when we ran into him and his new and pregnant bride. But when we talked to them I saw the guilt on her face and When they hugged I saw the familiarity they had. It was the type of hug you give someone you’ve been intimate with before in the past.

    That at night I waited until she was asleep and then went through her phone and the phone records to find yes she did in fact have an affair and still maintained contact with him even though he was married and working somewhere else.

    I tried to to keep my shit together for the kids but did break down a lot. After a week I packed a backpack (pheromone cologne inside) and hit the road without a destination in mind and considering doing myself in.

    After a good 20 hours driving I stopped into a strip club. Since I knew I probably smelled from the trip I slathered on 10 times the normal amount of oil than I normally would. One of the strippers eyes looked blown and I assumed she was on coke. It from reading I see now that could have been pheromones. I sat at the bar initially and told the bartender my story. She kept pouring me free shots, held my hand a bit and then kept telling me she was getting off in an hour and I could “hang out” with her if I stuck around and she’d “take care” of me. I was a mess so I declined her repeated offers and so she disappeared for awhile and came back with free food and a white stripper who sat down next to me and in no time out my hand on her inner thigh asking me if I liked her. Well sure I did! I got a lap dance and this girl put my hands all the places you’re not supposed to touch. She kept sniffing my neck telling me how good I smelled, and that I could have ANYTHING I wanted.

    Well i I wanted a couple more dances but maybe from the lack of sleep, the massive amount of speed I had taken, or being an emotion wreck from the whole ordeal I was unable to get erect. But this exepreience started the wheels turning in my head. I can see looking at the timeline, my wife started distancing herself from her boyfriend and falling back in love with me around the time I started the cologne/testosterone

    I do still love my wife and decided to work it out with her, though I don’t trust her and never will. Part of the new agreement we have is that I can do and “be” with as many girls as I want. But I don’t really believe that.

    After deciding to stick around I started ordering from pheromonexs and have had some pretty solid results. The main combo that gets her kissing and sniffing me all over telling me how unworthy she is of me and how I am perfect is Xist with Crush and Connections. That there is a really solid combo. I did buy Evolve but don’t like the results I get. She won’t shut up and eventually I fall asleep only to be woken up by her molesting me. I can see where Evolve would be useful on a date but it takes too long to work for me and honestly I don’t need it. I give her multiples whenever we are intimate and I get it whenever I want it.

    I do like the sample of SOB I tried out in combination with Exotica and Odyssey at a fifth graders birthday party yesterday. It was at the kids house and my wife and her 20yo friend were sitting on either side of me on the living room couch. Her 20yo wouldn’t stop squeezing her legs together and playing with her hair. But what got me slapped when I got home was that the birthday boys mom kept walking back and forth in front of me, seemingly losing more and more clothing with each pass and always finding a reason to bend over straight in front of me in her tiny shorts. It was obvious what was going on and my wife and her friend started getting jealous and talking shit but I told them to be quiet. I like my wife jealous and don’t mind getting slapped even though I supposedly could sleep with that mom if I wanted to YEAH RIGHT

    in the two months wearing pheromoneXS blends I’ve been offered blowjobs twice by girls I met moments earlier and yesterday turned down an 18 girl for sex. “I know I’m only 18 but will you fuck me?”

    ive never experienced anything like these products before in my life. They work really well and the support, Jamie and Bobbi, at pheromoneXS is the best. These ladies and so sweet and helpful. You’ve got a customer for life.

    My main goal is to keep my wife head over heels in love with me to keep her from fucking around again but I also love the attention I’m getting from all the other girls even though I’m not sleeping with them. Lord knows my ego got shattered to pieces and can use it.

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    Sorry i don't have time to respond in full but I wanted to say welcome. Wow what a story, it was quite a ride.


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      Thanks, I’ve done a lot of reading on this site prior to this posting and you’re a pretty prominent presence and I appreciate your shared knowledge and value your opinion. Pleasure to meet you Scottie

      The ride is just getting started! One other goal I failed to mention is a threesome with a black girl. The wife is the one who told me she wanted to do it. She said she'd even take me to a Nevada brothel and let me have all I want!

      She says that, I say okay and find a girl (black,young) within a couple hours. I guess she didn’t expect me to make it happen so fast even though she told me to set it up? Because all hell broke lose because I was sweet talking the other girl and my wife went insane jealous (fallout?) and that was the end of that.

      Overall I’m just looking forward to enhancing this experience we call life with pheromones now that I’ve seen what they can do.


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        Let me start by saying I admire your strength and courage to share so openly. Hopefully to some extent it was therapeutic for you.

        Yes you are correct about apocrine glands and phero secretion. Sounds like your natural phero signature was nonexistent or majorly fucked at best. That can only compound an already bad situation.

        Sounds like you've been thru the ringer, my friend. And yet you don't give up. Kudos!

        I gotta say I love the strip club story. God I love strippers. You reminded me of my strip club days. They respond very strongly to pheros, that's for sure. They have guys throwing themselves (and money) at them every day then you show up all pheroed out and THEY throw themselves at you. Gotta love turning the tables.

        I'm curious, how long had you been using XiSt when you got those results with your wife? I can definitely see XiSt/Crush (or Cohesion)/Connections being a good combo.

        You're right about Evolve needing time to do its thing. I was just explaining that to someone.

        SOB/Exotica/Odyssey? Never woulda thought of that combo. Just goes to show that high Anol doesn't neuter sexuals like many people believe. Sounds like the 20 yro had her faucet running.

        Propositioned by an 18yro? You poor thing.

        Funny how women change their mind when you take them up on their suggestions. When my ex and I were separated she said I just needed to get laid and I would get over her. About a week later I hooked up with this stunning blonde girl half my age. The next morning my ex stopped by to ask to borrow my car. This gorgeous bombshell comes out of my room dressed in nothing but one of my t-shirts. The look on my ex's face was priceless. I just smiled and said you were right, thanks for the advice.


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          It actually is pretty nice to talk about it, and thank you for listening.

          i highly suspected my natural phero signature was fucked when everyone I interacted with treated me like shit and I did some in depth research on what was going on with my body. My wife didn’t believe me and didn’t know about my pheromone use until recently

          I had her tag along with me everywhere for a few days without and a few days with and even she saw the difference was night and day. So really my pheromone use can be seen as medicinal to some extent. Good luck trying to get your insurance to cover it! 😄

          “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” - Winston Churchill

          I tell my kids a version of the Rocky Balboa keep moving forward speech and I fully intend to lead by example. I live for my family, they are all that matters in this life, whatever happens I will love them, and will forgive no matter how deeply I’m hurt. They give me purpose.

          Xist Cohesion and Ascend were included as samples with my first purchase. How awesome are samples?! I think it’s really great and you get to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t and even try out and end up liking things you never would’ve taken a chance on if you were buying a bottle.

          My wife responded with dihl and snuggle kiss all over worship type treatment on the very first exposure to Xist combined with Cohesion, but I noticed an even greater response when it was paired with Crush and Connections. She will lay there just smiling at me and attacking me with a flurry of kisses every so often. It’s really nice and we get to have some deep conversations.

          SOB/Exotica/Odyssey? I figure SOB and Exotica were polar opposites and that the Anol would tone down SOB and bridge the two creating a James Bond type vibe and it certainly felt that way to me! In fact I met the wife for lunch and let’s just say we didn’t spend much time eating. The other day that slap was also followed by earth shaking sex as well. I definitely want to play around with this one little bit more.

          The hit from the 18yo was insane. I thought I’d stepped into the twilight zone or something. I think my wife noticed what was going on with her 20yo friend too because she began to pout about wanting to sit next to her so I moved.

          LOL great story about your ex! I think they want relief from the guilt but it doesn’t work the way they expected it to. 😂

          I like to go out by myself now and leave her home wondering. You got to keep them on their toes, keep it interesting. When we first got together I intentionally acted like an asshole every now and then to keep her hot and bothered. It worked wonders and I got lazy somewhere along the way and let her feel too secure. Smh lesson learned.


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            Glad to see you're having such great success.

            Just a comment about the 18 yro. As an older man it's kind of an ego boost when a young girls wants you. I've been testing an experimental mix and as a result had a high school girl crushing on me. Of course I'd never act on it but it's nice to know you still got it. Funny thing is that because I never did act upon it, she quit coming around. lol Poor girl was probably heart broken. lol

            Nice that you keep your wife on her toes. Women love the roller coaster ride. If they didn't dramas on tv and in movies would have died off long ago.

            Let me get this straight. You paired Cohesion AND Crush. One would think that it's redundant.


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              No, only one or the other. Never both at the same time. I suspect that Crush may contain P86 from reading descriptions and selfies and my wife’s reaction but I’m not sure.

              Yeah I’ve always preferred older women. When I was 17 my girlfriend at the time was 36, but it def is an ego boost and I love it


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                I don't know about the P86 but A1 has a bit of a beautifying effect on it's own. At least that's what the research says.


                • DarthZed
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                  Do you know if they pair well together? Something is different because I’m stopping to smell the flowers and having aha moments at the beauty of nature and women. I didn’t notice that with Cohesion 🤔

                • Scottie2Hottie
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                  The only difference between Cohesion and Crush is that Crush doesn't contain DHEA.

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                Sorry but that seems too impossible to believe. Cohesion is rated at 342 mcg per spray and Crush at 200 mcg. You’re talking approximately 12mg extra DHEA in Cohesion. I have dhea as a single from another vendor and if I add even 50mcg on top of Crush I feel like a D bag. Feels totally different.

                In in fact the numbers presented for Crush don’t add up. They have 40.03 mg per 10ml listed, and that would put it at 500mcg per spray not 200mcg.


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                  While it's true that Crush doesn't contain DHEA I wouldn't assume that the dosage is correct. There are glaring errors in other products as well. Unfortunately they just created statistics for products that aren't accurate and despite pointing it out they don't correct it. They are lazy and leave it as it is. A good example is Domination. There's no way that the product contains such insanely high levels of Enone.


                  • DarthZed
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                    Hey maybe I’m just in an extra good mood lately. I called and they told me the same thing about DHEA so you’re probably right but maybe they’re keeping some secrets 🤫. Have you tried it?

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                  Crush was actually developed as the behest of a member who shares the commonly held belief that DHEA is a fallout killer. Personally I've never seen any evidence to support that theory. DHEA served served a counter the depression that the A1 causes some men. Thus its inclusion in Cohesion. Its quite possible that they included additional molecules in Crush to compensate for the lack of DHEA.


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                    I need to play with DHEA more, besides testing it out by itself (yes I’ve done a lot of testing in two months, showering three times a day!) it doesn’t feel warm and cheery as I’ve heard it described. It feels pretty damn alpha and cold to me. Maybe the other vendor mislabeled the bottle? Lol

                    Besides by itself, the only thing I used it was a blend I was winging it on with actual testosterone gel (prescribed to me before starting the far superior self injections) with no esters, but an additional (synthetic?) pheromone I haven’t found anywhere else.. Pentadecalactone. I have no ideal how much pentadecalactone there is but the mix ends up with 15mcg testosterone, 10mcg DHEA, 30mcg Epirone, 10mcg Erone, 20mcg Bnol, and 10mcg Anol per spray. It’s pretty intense and when I go out with the family they will follow single file completely silent and waiting for me to make decisions and tell them what to do.


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                      Many molecules don't show their full potential or complete personality when used solo. It's only in a mix that they shine.

                      I'm curious, are all of those elements premixed or applied separately? You've piqued my curiosity about Pentadecalactone. I wonder if it is already available as a putative somewhere. If not perhaps someone should take a look at it. I find it interesting that the predominance of EpiRone didn't soften the mix too much. I use it sparingly. Pretty much in the opposite ratio to Rone that you used.


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                        They’re all singles I mixed up from another vendor. I tinker with everything it’s my nature to make a mess of things I’m learning. I get good results from epirone. Even solo my wife responds to it. Whatever my natural signature is the word that most people use to describe me is intimidating, which I find odd since I see myself as nonjudgmental and easy going.

                        It looks like you’d have to get it from a perfume supply place.


                        I just remember when the gel was prescribed to me I was like “what the hell is that smell”, I didn’t like it but got a lot of compliments from random women asking me what I was wearing. I remember reading a study about how it switches on parts of a women’s brain. The testosterone itself I figure would be in OD range with 50mg per tube and I was putting on two.

                        I wants to play with Hedione and iso e super too


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                          Where did you get your singles and in what concentration in order to get those precise doses per spray? What was your carrier? What volume was your carrier? Seems like it would be difficult to get the T gel to mix into a sprayable form. It says in that link that Pentadecalactone is a flavor additive. How did you learn of its pheromonal properties? Also how did you acquire it? You've piqued the mad scientist in me. lol

                          Good luck with Hedione. Alpha Dream added it to their most successful blend and it totally ruined it. I've experimented with ISE and saw no appreciable difference.


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                            So I did some digging. Pentadecalactone is common ingredient in women's cosmetics. I also found out it's an ingredient in Secret, the women's deodorant. This seems odd to me as I also found out that it is indeed a male pheromone secreted by apocrine glands in the arm pits. It is a female attractant. Which leads me to wonder why it's used in female products. But even more so why pheromone producers aren't using it. I did find it available for purchase at Sigma-Aldrich. Since it is considered a flavor additive it is possible to purchase it without any special licensing. Unfortunately, the type of scales required to measure it for pheromone production starts at about $280. And at that I wouldn't be able to producing anything at a dosage less than 12.5 mcg/spray.


                            • DarthZed
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                              What if they are using it as a putative? I’d really love to know what P96 is. I’m pretty sure what P86 is but can’t find a source 😏

                              Did find a gram of raw P102 for $80

                            • Scottie2Hottie
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                              P86 is Androstenetrione. There are sources out there. P102 is EpiAlloPreganolone. Where did you find a source for that? Is it any cheaper than just buying the prediluted and measured putative?

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                            Got most singles from Treasures at 1mg per ml in dpg. I use 151 ever clear to dilute and spray everything and an insulin syringe to measure.

                            Maybe Hedione should be mixed and applied on a separate location or on days not wearing pheromones as to not compete for the same receptors?

                            In women’s products just like Hedione is? Makes sense.

                            why not forget the scales and just purchase a gram and dilute accordingly?

                            Also identified in urine


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                              What volume everclear were you using? I did some calculations. 1 mg = 1,000 mcg/ml. If I'm not mistaken insulin syringes measure in CCs. 1 cc = 1ml. So in order to reach those dosages you would need to measure 1 cc, 2 cc and 3 cc in 12.5 ml of carrier to equal 10 mcg, 20 mcg and 30 mcg per spray, respectively. Still not sure how you ended up with 15 mcg/spray of Test since a tube is 50 mg and a gel is virtually impossible to measure volume wise. I would also think that diluting a gel is rather difficult. If you just used the whole tube you would have 50,000 mcg diluted in the same 12.5 ml of carrier and would yield 500 mcg/spray.

                              As far as purchasing the pentadecalactone idk if you can purchase just one gram. The smallest about the Sigma-Aldrich sells is a sample of unspecified amount. Even if I could get just one gram that would be a helluva lot. If I diluted it to 1 mg/ml as was the form you purchased that comes to 1,000 ml. If I further dilute 1mg/ml based on the above 12.5 ml amount to achieve 10mcg/spray I would need 12,500 ml. or 3.3 gallons. That would last me several lifetimes. lol


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                                This appears to have all the knowledge you need for the Pentadecalactone, including dilution percentage. It appears to be pretty alpha. Also I sent you a PM



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                                  I checked out the study. The dilution is in mounts I am unable to calculate. I mean 1mg diluted in 10 ml of alcohol then further diluted in water to 10 to the minus 3 power mg? I have no way to calculate that. Seems like a minute dilution.

                                  One thing I found odd is that they couldn't figure out what natural substance Exaltolide mimics. Even I was able to find that out and it only took me a couple minutes.


                                  • DarthZed
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                                    Looks like 1mcg

                                  • Scottie2Hottie
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                                    Which one is what?
                                    What looks like 1 mcg?

                                  • Scottie2Hottie
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                                    I checked you were right about 1 mcg. The concentrations get exponentially lower from there.

                                Ad down