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  • new members discount?

    Hi I'm new to the forum page, does anyone know of the discount you get as a new user.

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    Originally posted by Kami1 View Post
    Hi I'm new to the forum page, does anyone know of the discount you get as a new user.
    Beginner discount?? Nah, no time for that. I am here to exchange experiences with other people who love SteveO blends first and foremost. If there are other privileges they come second for me.

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      Other than the Awesome Intro pack there are no immediate discounts for new users. That being said, you can earn discounts by posting on the forum. The more you contribute, the more you save. Check out the Lifetime Discounts section.
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        Yup, what he said!

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        For once you listened to me.

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      Nah lol. no first time user discounts here XD

      but if you become a first time user, there's a high chance you will become a second time user, and then third time user...... cuz xs pheromones work and work well.

      welcome Kami1


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