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Intro and somes questions.

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  • Intro and somes questions.


    I have just registered to this forum , but I come from another forum .It's a while since I have tried my last shot of pheromones ,because I stopped for almost 6 months to test how is going without them and also to give a break and reset to my body pheromones and things gone well but I want go to a higher level , so, I want to come back to this world . I have some experience and knowledge in the matter,not to much but something is something , I have tried a lot of products in my experience ,been disapointed sometimes , like for example with somes products from androtics and others that are basically not true human pheromones , but animal pheromones without my aknowledgment and of course my consetment (I tell this a Scam basically ) .After that , I discovered true products and reviews and been very cautelous with my choices , asked for opinions and tips,informed me better in how to use , effects ,factors ect... and after trying a bunch of products like somes of Alchemy Labs,True pheromones ,XS and many more , I keep my choice with XS , they are the ones that work better for me at the moment and don't had bad experience , except with Cohesion ,which provoked me depression due to one molecule of this and I had to stabilize with copulins under my nose to light the bad effects . Since this , I am a little bit scared with cohesion, so I don't want to have again this problem , but I had nice results,I work and hang out with young people (20 to 40 years old and I am 33) and had great hints with a lot of products of XS like Taboo and Cohesion for example .Basically , I consider me nice looking man (yes ,really,I am not getting pretentious , just basing in female opinions I had) and get a lot of staring , hair playing and retouching,smile ,touchs ect.. from girls of various ages but normaly young girls/women but pheromones help me to get what I want and somes girls before don't give me attention but with one or 2 drops of XS product designed for flirt they begin to stare and approach .I have tried a lot of XS products, but my favorite are Taboo and Cohesion ,I don't use to much alpha status products like ascend because I intimidate a little bit so I am tall and muscular , but a friendly and smiling face arrange the things.But not everything is perfect in the world of pheromones for me , things that I dislike a little bit is for example , the tedious way to clean them every use with scent-a-way soap to remove them correctly . I live in europe and the only way for me to get scent-a-way products and witch hazel ( for me the bests products to clean correctly them) is from internet and can be expensive but is remediable. And I don't know if now is still the same , but the last time I ordered from XS,the Europe hub was close due to a maternity leave and Customs were really annoying but I found a method to solve this so this is not a really big deal for me.The smell of pheromones in general is not very pleasant , specially if you don't have a good scent cover . For good diffusion and covering , I use Iso Super 01 from Tribute 8 and works fine .Well, this is a little intro of my path, but I still have somes doubts ,somes can be first timers questions but maybe someone there can give me a hand with them . First , I am taking a supplement, a nootropic to help focus that contain Taurine . I heard that Taurine can alterate pheromones .Is this correct and how can affect them ? Any way to compensate the effects to be more stable in this aspect ?.I also have a question about washing clothes that touches zones where pheromones drop are applied . I don't want to use another detergent/special detergent so I share my clothes washing products and is more comfortable for everybody to stay like this (and also because my detergent smell so good and I love it) , any tip or method/product to remove smell and pheromones from clothes knowing that only part that are in contact with my neck are touching application zone ? I also would like to know better if is possible to OD with Taboo and cohesion if i respect recomended dosage in the description page of the product in XS site web ? What are the best way to avoid OD ? I know that everyone have a different body chemistry and need different dosage and products , but somes advices would be great .What kind of covering scent,fragance or cologne do you recomend for best diffusion ?I know that is a part of body signature but I want to know your opinions . Iso Super 01 Is a good difuser ? And last question ,I always use oils because they are easy to apply and last longer ,what is the best way to apply ? droping directly a tip to the finger and applying in the desired zone is the best way or there is a better way ? (it sounds a stupid question but I am not totally sure that is the best application method) . That's all ,I really hope to be useful and if you have any questions ,just ask and I'll do my best to help and I want to congrats and thanks SteveO and all the team for their hard work and to provide the best products and service and also to help me in my journey with pheromones ,I really think that XS products are the most suitable and the bests for me .

    Thanks and enjoy weekend !

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    You will be happy to know that Silvia has made the baby. We are all trying to steal him so apart from buying busy keeping him protected and happy. The EU hub is back again. In fact, we are preparing a shipment to restock some favorites.

    Thank you so much for your kinds words and feedback. I know you are not a beginnaer or an amateur but sometimes it is good to go back to the basics , retrace our steps and we end up doing better that time around. This link below is a good read

    amateur Beginner's Guide to Pheromone Application, Diffusion, Longevity, Oils, Sprays - DiscoverXS - Pheromone Research

    I realize from reading your thread, you have a lot to offer and so I think you are going to enjoy our discounts for life program :

    Discounts For Life - Community Influencers - Oh My! - DiscoverXS - Pheromone Research

    I am not able to offer you advice on everything you said but soon some of our members will be around to offer more advice.


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