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How many days can you go in a Row until you O.D?

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  • How many days can you go in a Row until you O.D?

    Hey guys! I’ve been follow the guidelines for mone application over the last two weeks.

    1-2 days: Mones
    Day of rest


    Wanted to know is there any harm in potentially going three days in a row followed by rest?

    Or just how long is it advisable to go wearing Mones till you can get your body to reaclimate?

    ppreciate all your help!

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    I rotate mones but I've went months in a row when testing all the new stuff and before the pandemic. Now most stuff has been tested and I only go out a couple times a week But I don't wear alphas more than a couple days in a row, but socials, unisex, even chick stuff for days on end, weeks. 2days of alpha is plenty for me but I have to say I did get used to using them steady for a while until I learned socials fit my personality better.

    If you go really heavy they can indeed fatigue you a lot, I've taken the supplement tyrosine, well balanced protein powder, good sleep, balanced diet etc but Chasing women till dawn will tire out the most Studley of us eventually. I guess it depends on a lot of things Alphas cause stress, stress is hard.

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