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Dropper tops, help/suggestions?

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  • Dropper tops, help/suggestions?

    First, I love the "new" dropper tops. No leaking, great dosing, no complaints.

    I'm assuming it's me, so I'm looking for recommendations.

    Most of my bottles and I get along well, but there are a couple that seem to, well, hate me

    I mean, they really make me work for that beautiful magical oil inside. And when I finally get the top open, it's like a reward for my perseverance and tenacity

    It's like I'M the child it's proofed against!

    I'll put the bottle on the counter and put all my weight on that bloody top and push and spin...I'll try tightening it and starting over... I'll try light pressure (because, what if I'm pushing down too hard?)...I'll try just spinning it a bit (mostly to give my sore finger a break....)

    My Babe and APi are real scoundrels! Perhaps it's a status thing??

    Don't get me wrong, eventually I always win But I'm sure it's not supposed to be this hard.

    Can anyone offer any advice? Has anyone else had a similar issue? It has to be "operator error", lol, I don't know where I'm going wrong...
    With the others, it's push down and twist and wha-la! I don't see why there should be a difference


    You're never too old to learn NuTrix ^_~

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    take a fine nail/emery board across the top of the dropper top. I say a board because a course file may leave some grooves for evaporation. Takes off about the thickness of a human hair and look for plastic burrs around the ridge too. Try just cleaning it up and if that doesn't work, then take off another few thousandths. Keep it flat and a little at a time. This should give the cap some room to compress downward and disengage the teeth.

    This is just conjecture based off what I know my LAL tops to look like and some logic. I don't have xs droppers.

    The error could just as weel be in the cap or the upper cap seal but I think the plastic on the top of the bottle will have the same effect and should be much easier to do than taking it apart

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      Muestereate I will take a look for burrs and see if I can compare to another lid and feel for differences. If I need it, I have just the perfect sized little board for the job.
      To be fair, all child proof tops and I have a long history of conflict...
      You're never too old to learn NuTrix ^_~


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