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Do sprays sit on skin or absorb in?

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    that's a thought. I've noticed that spraying on top of my perfume tends to make the spray last a lot longer. (I can still smell pre-work application in the morning after a 12h shift)


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      Originally posted by Tigris View Post
      What about layering the same spray over the the same pheromone oil? Say XiSt spray on top of XiSt oil. Would that possibly give the benefits of both while not causing any risk of contrasting effects? I haven't tried this or read about it anywhere, but, I'm curious of the effect.
      This is tricky. It's one thing to spray a pheromone on top of an oil perfume. It's another thing to spray a pheromone on top of a pheromone oil, at least with Pheromone XS unless they changed their blends ratio again recently.

      Oil versions tend to carry more pheromone content per drop compared to their alcohol/spray counterpart (one of the reasons it's pricier). The diffusion from oil may be slower and shorter-ranged in an environment, but it's stronger in effect. The intent of oil pheromone products is generally to make your pheromone signature feel very natural and believable even though it's strong.

      So what happens when you spray alcohol onto oil? It increases evaporation, which means the oil will evaporate at a faster rate. With pheromone oil, that means more content is diffusing faster than it should be, creating an effect similar to as if you applied several sprays.

      By spraying Xist onto an Xist oil app point, you'd be increasing the amount of pheromone content diffused into the air. You could say that 2 drops oil and 1 spray Xist on top could have the effect of 5-6 sprays of Xist. If this was Ascend, you'd increase the chances of negative responses (i.e. aggressive reactions, shit testing, ghosting, etc...).

      This type of question has been covered, but it's one of the much older threads (2014-2015) so I wouldn't be surprised if it's difficult to find.
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        I know that there is a mone that increases in diffusion., just forgot the name plus im out, in terms of skin chemistry it would absorb better if your pulse areas are conditioned with aloe vera - let it absorb in first them wipe it off, then apply your mixes.
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