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Limitless on a date?

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  • Limitless on a date?

    I’m curious if anyone here has worn Limitless on a date? I was going to try vibe but I’m out of town and realized its the one pheromone I didn’t take with me. I’m going out with an older man who is easygoing and funny, but also very talkative and I want to be more involved in the conversation tonight. He’s high status so I feel a little intimidated about inserting myself more into the conversation, particularly when he’s really into a topic and keeps talking and talking. Would limitless be useful for this purpose? I’ll probably combine it with a copulin mix

    I also have Engage and Outspoken but I want an excuse to try Limitless lol I’ve had it for weeks and haven’t tried it yet! Any thoughts are appreciated
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    Molecules: B-nol, DHEAS

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    Ildergreier has tried limitless I think. I wouldn't think it would be a good date Phero. But I've also never gone on a date with a dude before.

    Based on the description of each you mentioned you want Engage...just my 2c
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