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Bliss Oil: A review, I suppose

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  • Bliss Oil: A review, I suppose

    What the hell is this?

    A sort of review. This is me, giving you my personal experience with Bliss Oil. Take it with a grain of mones, because it is super highly subjective, as is any mone experience. I just wanted to give my unfiltered opinion of this product as soon as I tried it. I realized, after searching, that there wasn't much here on Bliss as an oil specifically. Either that or my searching skills suck, which I know for a fact is not untrue, so I am choosing to ignore certain things here. Whatever. Let's do this.

    So to sum it up: this post is here to give you an idea of what Bliss Oil is like.

    Who the hell wrote this?

    Some dude. Early thirties. I've been into Bliss as a spray for as long as I can remember. I think it was one of my first mones ever? I am not sure. My memory is spotty as hell.

    One thing I CAN tell you for certain: Bliss was one of the first mones to hit me HARD. It was maaaaybe the first mone that switched my thinking from "this might be a thing" to "HOLY CRAP THIS IS REAL".

    The funny thing is, it's either Bliss or SOB that holds that title.

    I guess it's not that funny, but it does make sense; they're both hard-hitting in their own way.

    Wait i forgot about the format thing

    Goal with this experiment?

    None. I dunno. Just read? I wanna make sure people know more about mones, I suppose. XS has changed my life, and not in any way you might think.

    When I first approached mones I was trying to be normal. Trying to get more girls, be more popular, all that crap.

    And while I won't say XS was the main catalyst that led to my mind being opened; it was a big part of it.

    TL:dr: Mones are not, at their core, about "getting laid". There is way too much to go into, but lemme put it this way: Bliss, as a spray, was one of the tools I used to change my life for the better. And I personally believe it can do the same for many people, and it doesn't have to do with sex or socialness or whatever.

    Bliss is a must-try; that much I believe.

    Why should I care?


    Could you stop making fake questions?


    What happened?

    I've been a huge fan of Bliss since I tried it for the first time.

    Thing is, though; I never really focused on the Bliss Oil.

    This time, I did.

    3 drops on finger and applied under the nose
    2 drops applied to the rim of the upper part of my lip



    Well, let me put it this way.

    "The thing you have to remember about Bliss is that no matter how long you've been using it, it will not fail you."

    Is what I would tell you. If you were me. But I do not think you are.

    So my point is...

    Try Bliss. Please.

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    Thanks for the review gonna have to try this one
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