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  • Bliss daily and side effects


    I'm in my thirties and have been using half a spray* of Bliss during daytime for several months. Noticed that if spray applied in the morning, around 1pm would eventually result in a pretty dark mood. Can be a mild bit down occasionally without 'mones but things got almost comically dark consistenly for a while before I realized what was causing it. The oil has the same effect but only after around 9 hrs. At first I thought Bliss was the opposite but daily usage has made me understand better what 1 half spray or drop does : the occasional kind of friday afternoon laughter from me and especially others, and others will 97% of the time enjoy your presence a bit more than usual. It can be almost spooky to feel like you're in a dark dungeon while people are laughing pleasantly around you, but since you know what it is and can distance yourself from it it isn't really frightening.

    Have not had the same with repeat exposure of similar amounts of Taboo or Exotica so wished to check whether anyone else has experienced a gloom from Bliss? Mostly I see comments to the contrary.

    *This stuff is really strong and depending on the environment can hit rather hard. I don't want my first post to sound too negative - these things make life interesting and the customer service from here is always super : ) It's just that Bliss seems like a friendly arsenic at times.

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    I think I understand what your saying. While you feel dark and moody, everyone around you is responding to Bliss in the normal positive way?


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      Hello Emblem,
      Nice to meet you !
      Quick question for ya - did you have those dark moods even on the first day of application or did it seem to start several days/week into using Bliss daily ?
      I'm asking because 4 days in a row of any blend is my limit before I start to feel bad with it. Anything from headache to PMS symptoms even when I'm nowhere near to that part of my cycle.


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        Emblem I always find that using Bliss daily will make it harder for me to concentrate during the day. I've never felt what you describe with continued long term usage. I've mostly used it in combos though. Ascend + Bliss, Ascend + Bliss + Xist.

        I do find that I enjoy music more when I have Bliss on. It's almost like it sounds better. Also I do feel like it effects my visual perception, where things look more beautiful? Something like that. I also get a very relaxed feeling and a really good happy mood. I feel like always making jokes and laughing.

        I think what happens with you is you get a sensory overload or fatigue. It does happen to me occasionally. Your body just gets tired from all the stimulation. You could take vitamins or just take a break from mones


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          Thank you for your replies.

          TMG: Yep.

          andro: Not for the first weeks at least. Interesting to hear about your experience. Have not tried anything else as much as Bliss so might be a thing that would happen with any 'mone and overexposure over time, I don't know. If no Bliss for a week and then a spray I generelly catch the bad bug right after lunch, so shorter pauses do not seem to "reset" this..however another spray right after lunch usually rights the ship for another four hours or so. As if something in it reacts badly with me after a certain time.

          Ixist: My experience with Bliss is few self-effects really, except the random bout of laughter. Sometimes it makes me a bit more care-free initially. Haven't noticed any difference in ability to concentrate, or listen to music.

          It could be an overload kind of thing, though I do physical exercise regularly and do not eat an overabundance of junk. Work is hectic, though.

          Since it really adds a plus to social interactions I shall continue using it for a while, but once or twice a week and not every day.


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            Emblem I rotate what I wear. I realize that a number of formulas might have similar ingredients, but that might help. I think I've only had a handful of bad reactions to pheromones in all the years I've used them.

            So if I was experiencing something like that, I'd probably only use Bliss once every 3 days.

            Also when I wear a pheromone, I have a specific reason. Perhaps if there is a specific reason you are using Bliss, you could find a substitute to rotate it in and around your Bliss use. How about Love Boat or Vibe?
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              Rotating sounds like sound advice. Was any of those reactions a kind of black mood that seemed slightly detached?

              Yes, it's for work, makes interactions easier, improves productivity, would like to think. Bliss is very good for that.

              Might try rotating those two and Bliss with "free" days between. Have tried the other two only a few times but it has seemed one of them promotes a chatty mood and the other not so much.


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                Emblem No black mood. No feelings of slightly detached. Just didn't feel good. I also found wearing less can help.

                Ok easier interactions, improved productivity...

                Maybe Limitless. Some people think it's a formula to help you focus. I see the potential there but to me it seems like an attraction or "in love formula". 4 sprays was too much for me. Got a headache because the back of my neck got all tense.

                Maybe After Hours?

                Maybe Thinker?

                I'd encourage you to do research on the ones I list.

                Vibe might help interactions but I don't know about productivity.

                Getting an alpha formula might be another way to go. Ascend. Maybe Api.

                Need people to think better of you? I go with Xist for a week or two to reset them, then some respect formula perhaps?

                These are just ideas.

                Interactions easier in what way? Are people bullying you? Do they ignore you? Is your boss rude? Have the popular co-workers excluded you from their group?

                More productivity? When I want more productivity I get more sleep and take vitamins. Intriguing... there might be a pheromone solution, though.


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                  I have had some pheromones give me that bleak crash (none from XS products). It would happen each time, regardless of the mone, after about 6 hours.
                  It can be pretty devastating. I've never had the problem based on build-up, but Xcc is right - rotate it out to stop, or at least slow down, your crashes.


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                    Another thing I've found that MIGHT help prevent crashes is to take lots of vitamins. Also, even though I might wear pheromones every day, when I don't need them any more, I wash them off thoroughly. So if I'm going to the store, I put some on and when I get back and I'm not going any where else, I wash them off.


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                      Or instead of washing them off, which might be tricky if you're crashing at work - try a scent locket. They come in different shapes and sizes, you put a cotton soaked ball or square in them. They get plenty warm from your body heat, especially in a room temperature environment.
                      And then if you find you need a phero OFF NOW, you simply pop open the locket and take out the cotton. No fuss, no muss, no bother.

                      Lockets are great for selfies since they generally sit at collarbone to breastbone height. They can also have some diffusion. However, if you are ONLY wearing a scent to affect others, then a locket might not be the way to go. But they sure are handy for when you aren't going to have any privacy, and also pretty easy for a woman to wear without being conspicuous.


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                        Just remember, as wonderful as scent lockets are, the PXS blends are designed to wear on your skin. I do have a scent locket for just those sorts of emergencies though.


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                          Thanks all for the continued discussion. Took it easy and went without any for most of a week and just the other day Bliss oil, half a drop, worked without the crash. Even felt some self-effects.
                          Sushi : Interesting..'bleak' is spot on how I would describe it. Rotating and / or white days seems the way to go.

                          Xcc: Alphas collide with certain alpha personalities. I get the most and really pleasant (ego) effects from Cohesion and Xist and even SOB but can't really wear those to work..Xist is as subtle as fifteen cats in a fight.

                          Productivity as in keeping the mood light when the group of you plus one or more else are facing difficulties. Thinker works rather well with most and not at all with one or two. This is like finding a new set of person properties on everyone, and everyone has different definitions.

                          After Hours seems intriguing, I think I may try it.

                          Andro: That's a cool solution..hmm, seems easier to mask for females but will check and see if I discover a rather discreet one.


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                            Originally posted by Emblem View Post
                            Alphas collide with certain alpha personalities.
                            Emblem What do you mean?


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                              Originally posted by Xcc View Post

                              Emblem What do you mean?
                              It was a blanket statement, true. Might not even be alpha, but the "look down and answer in one syllable" reaction in some alphas is what I'm referring to. Did get it mostly when I briefly tried Core, can't recall the last time it happened with an xs product but then I find socials best for work and the others for after...even if After Work seems like something that might work while at work.


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                                Originally posted by Emblem View Post
                                the "look down and answer in one syllable" reaction in some alphas is what I'm referring to.
                                Emblem Now you know why I ask these types of questions that seem so obvious, but yet to question people's terms, assumptions, and thinking.

                                That above quote is absolutely %^&$ing brilliant! A way a person's brilliance can emerge is by eliciting it by questions. You just have to get their brilliance out. Think Socratic questioning.

                                That is now so crystal clear to me, and I'm guessing many people know what kind of person that is because I think most of us have met such a man.

                                Thank you!


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                                  I geuss the bliss name is ironic heh? But have you tried INCREASING the amount of sprays you apply? It might have the opposite effect?

                                  Regards, exemptednato


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                                    I use bliss all the time and I don't ever feel this way. I do take a multivitamin and vitamin D daily. I try to limit myself when I use ANY mix to no more than 3 days in a row. I consistently take days off from use


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                                      Did anyone tried using Bliss as a hangover cure ?

                                      just asking

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                                        Originally posted by Emblem View Post

                                        It was a blanket statement, true. Might not even be alpha, but the "look down and answer in one syllable" reaction in some alphas is what I'm referring to. Did get it mostly when I briefly tried Core, can't recall the last time it happened with an xs product but then I find socials best for work and the others for after...even if After Work seems like something that might work while at work.
                                        That doesn't sound like a true Alpha. More like a beta; possibly a wannabe beta . A true Alpha has no need to prove anything. Everyone KNOWS they're an Alpha. In my experience true Alphas never test or push back. That's the behavior of a wannabe beta who has something to prove. What I have gotten from true Alphas is a tip of the hat, so to speak. The recognize their own.

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