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Diffusion tech

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  • Diffusion tech

    Man, I hope this is the right place…

    It was recommended to me to pick up a little bottle of the diffusion tech additive for use with single molecules, since they lack this additive… but that got me thinking. I use a lot of unscented blends with my own cover scents as well as unscented Beta and Artisan blends… and if I understand properly, the diffusion tech is usually part of the scent blends.

    So my question: do unscented blends require the diffusion tech additive, or just single molecules?
    Current stock,

    old: dominate oil, xist spray, naked gun spray, sex magic spray, pse spray, ascend spray, connection spray, cohesion spray, boyfriend spray, bliss spray, vibe spray, SOB spray

    new: Evolve spray, flirt spray, A1 oil @10mcg, androstanone oil @5mcg

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    just the singles, unscented has it in. Something I have not experimented with though is whether the unscented would benefit by adding a bit more") I have noticed that colognes tha have ambroxan in seem to amp up some of the romantic orr flirting type blends and ISO E super based colognes seem to make the male/alpha blends more effective. It may be the colognes themselves just attracting attention. Never tried it with raw perfume molecules.


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      single molecules imo, it adds a throw or msg type of affect over others. turns it from a personal to a "im in the room scent trail, especially now when the weather is getting warmer. As mentioned in this topic high end designers use this mixed in and usually keeps the scent stay longer on the skin as well, requiring less sprays applied. Considering most of us use unscented its still makes a big difference thats why its added in everywhere.
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