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Vibe XS - A Ladie's Perspective

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  • Vibe XS - A Ladie's Perspective

    I don't intend to exclude men from this thread, just looking to make it easer for other curious women to find info easily. So please, gentlemen, do feel free to hop right in

    Took Vibe for a solo run yesterday for the first time.

    This one is a stinker and was a bit of a bear to cover. I'm going to have to scent this one in the bottle to tame this beast. I found Love Boat less offensive olfactorily than Vibe, but would still not wear either w/o a cover. I favor oil based fragrances but feel that Vibe requires a spray cover, something you can put over the Vibe and still lift the pheromones into he air. Using oil down first and then spraying the Vibe over didn't cover as well as I would have liked but I feel that putting oil on over a spray defeats the purpose of the spray, so for last night I just made due. I will marinate something good up between now and my next test though

    Warm summer day/evening.
    Environment: Drinks for happy hour followed by nice restaurant with man beast, followed by shopping and then home.
    Possible skews - man beast was wearing a pheromone product as well, but as he's not as firm a believer in pheromones as I am, it was just one spray to his chest and under his shirt and mainly for the fragrance. (an alpha blend from LPMP called Wanted Man in the fragrance, Voracious, for anyone who may care...)

    Dose: I think I nearly did myself in, getting that first spray out of the bottle I got approx. 1 & 1/2 sprays to front of neck, 1 to back of neck. My intent was to go 1 & 1 but I thought that first half spritz was too little...shoulda gone with the half

    Self effects: Well. That 1 & 1/2 to the front was so potent, I seriously considered washing a bit off! Then decided that this initial boost would settle in 20-30 minutes so I stuck it out. It made me feel a bit hyper and, of course, a bit anxious, as I thought this may be too much of a good thing. But we hopped in the car to go and with the windows down it helped diffuse things to a more manageable level. I was in a great mood and happy to be out and about. I'm normally bubbly and happy but there's something about Allo-THDOC being in a blend that always adds this "zen" factor that I've found I quite like.
    Effect on others:
    MB's mood boost was most noticeable. He is usually very reserved but he was smiles, touchy, complimenting me and making naughty comments in my ear all night - and above all, social!
    At the bar (outdoors): tag team service form the bartenders. MB's drinks were satisfactorily "stiff" (he's forever fussing about weak drinks so mones or good fortune? hard to say). The guys closest either side of MB & I begin chatting us up. I get complimented on my art (tatoos), the guys are all doting on me - SCORE! When it's time to head off to our restaurant, it's like we're saying bye to friends we've had for years, lol, well, we actually have known the 1 bartender for years...but he was the only familiar face that afternoon.
    Restaurant: Musician greats us coming in the door (it was our first time at this venue so maybe that's normal?) Service and food were excellent. Lots of smiles from servers (I counted 5 all together - it didn't seem like any 1 guy "owned" our table) Lots of eye contact, big smiles, but like I mentioned, it was a new venue for us so maybe they were just always this awesome?!
    Shopping: Service rep meets us at the door. Follows us respectfully but is tickled to be engaged in conversation and not entirely work related, like we've been friends before today. Very complimentary, raves to another employee about how beautiful my dress is, second employee "loves" my scarf...somehow all the service people behind the desk are now completely focused on us and we are getting the A1 treatment! MB just takes it all in, loving it of course - and he thinks pheros are voo-doo-hoo-doo. Humph!
    Home: Break out the wine, cuddle up on the couch and talk about how great the night was and how crazy all the interaction was that we had. Trialed Vibe solo (no cops or any combo) so everything that followed as far as intimacy I believe came from the fact that we're already electric together and the easy "vibe" Vibe already loaned to the atmosphere.

    All in all, a good test run I'd say! Next time - just 2 sprays though!

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    Funny you should mention the stinker part! I wore 2 sprays of Vibe yesterday in the 85 degree heat... at an outdoor cafe... and I could smell it wafting through the air like a king cobra, lol! (And I got it with Sweet Sensations as the cover scent.) At one point, I whispered to my daughter, "I can smell my pheromones." She whispered back - from across the table, "I can too!"

    But it did get a goodly amount of attention. There was a table of 4 men sitting next to us and the one sitting closest to me kept trying to make small talk. I always feel a bit weird when a man is trying to talk to me when my kid is with me, so I brushed him off. Next, the pool attendant (who's normally EXTREMELY hellish to deal with) was incredibly nice to us. And then a lady on the subway kept looking up at me and smiling (I was standing in front of her).

    Also glad you mentioned Allo-THDOC as being the zen bringer. That's a good description of the edge it delivers for me. I felt is as a mellow confidence.

    Sounds like you had a good vibe going yesterday. Since I've been reading Morgaine's combos with Vibe, I'm dying to test it out with some of Steve's other products. Hmmm... maybe Love Boat and Vibe.


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      Any negative effects? From what I've seen all the product have them to some degree, like Taboo turning everyone into a pottymouth. Or did the mood boost make them less obvious?


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        It really does help the 'dirty' words to just pop right out there!

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      Girlfriday - Yes! I totally believe you! And although it's not a dreadful smell, it isn't one I want associated with me A suitable cover must needs be found!

      MI - nothing that I noted. This was my first trail of Vibe. Once I've have the opportunity to wear it more and get to jot down more notes, we'll see f any patterns start to arise. Until I get used to the potency, the only adverse effect was near OD. That spray & 1/2 to the front of my neck would have been to much if we hadn't taken that drive and then been in an outdoor venue. I felt the beginnings of a headache but it passed quickly with the fresh air. That would have been my carelessness, not an adverse affect from how the phero behaved though
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        I've been using Vibe almost religiously lately at work, and the only thing possibly negative I could say about it is DON'T USE TOO MUCH! Seriously, this is a powerful, wonderful product- respect the mone people. 1 spray is good for me. I think it would be quite easy to OD/ghost with this one if you over-sprayed.

        I think I've read somewhere that some women can get a bit irritated after a while with this one (hope I'm not mixing it up with something else), but personally I've never felt that in the slightest. It makes me calm, happy, confident, relaxed, and gives me a charming, magnetic and memorable presence. People react to me in very positive, even enamoured way.


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          Taking this one out today and so far so good
          4 sprays of my decanted, scented 5ml mix: 1 spray back of neck, 1 each side of neck and 1 split between wrists. (approx. 240mcgs total)
          Environment so far: Home with my man.
          Selfies: Got the boost I did before but nothing crazy, just happy and a little - hmm - bouncy? Spring in step kind of thing...
          Others: A friend of his was over for lunch and it's the most he's spoken to me so far I think it's a respect thing. Wouldn't want your friend to think you're hitting on his woman. But today he was all chatter, talking about his daughter, motorcycle, how we made the best wings he's had in a long time...and he went from kind of bashful and looking away instead of at me to comfortable and happily making eye contact. By the time he left he was even playing with the dogs. So YAY for Vibe!
          Once the friend left my guy was all, "So what do you want to do today? Anything you want." Once we mulled over a few options he lured me to the bedroom for a backrub...which always leads to a front rub and, well, you know where THAT goes... But it was all very slow and sensual. I felt like my emotions were intensified and my sense of touch and feel were heighted and he seemed equally as affected. Was that Vibe? I've worn these blends solo, no additional cops, nada... So OBVIOUSLY I can't wait to throw them into the mix - what an explosion THAT'S going to be! But I'm liking Vibe for sure all on it's own.

          Morgaine - I can see how this would quickly become a staple for you - or anyone else
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            Will be trialing this solo today because I really want to see whether this can hold it's own - though I have to admit, the tweaking sure is fun....but yesterday:

            Went with 2 sprays Vibe to chest/neck and 1 spray Cohesion to back of neck.
            Environment: Work
            Noticed mild mood boost, feeling pretty chill before leaving for work and in a good mood, but the Cohesion seemed to make me kind of contemplative I think.
            At work, people were just walking up to me from all OVER the place - "Hey! How are you! How's it going?! How you been?!" I had one girl follow me to the cafeteria and then outside to the tables, just chatting me up like we'd been bud's for ages. We know each other, but not well, and that she actually followed me off the beaten path to make small talk was REALLY WAY out of the ordinary! I had a new employee somewhat vent/seek guidance from me about some training issues and management. Now that I recall, there were a couple of those yesterday...
            The Vibe seemed to make me the shining star that drew people in, but that Cohesion....I think that really opened people up - at 1 spray no less! I think this could be a real fire-cracker combo and want to remember it for meetings and training. This will grab people's attention and also keep it for more productive interaction!

            Will still fly Vibe solo today. Just want to understand it better. I'm thinking 3 sprays - 2 to neck/chest, 1 to back of neck? That should be good.
            I'm getting the beast (smell) under control. First dropped in some Pure Sugar to the original bottle and then carry a spray cover to touch up he inevitable bleed through. Once this bottle is used up I'll swap to the SS scented one from XS - then I won't have to worry about it You know I can smell the mones from Vibe - THIS MORNING!? - and I applied ONCE before work almost 24 hours ago!


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              Vibe solo was friendly and easy. Nothing manic, but a good, even mood...did plenty of laughing and people all over the building (work) were interested in chatting me up - I was feeling chatty myself. Not rushed or hurried, just kind of taking the day/night as it came and went

              I'm wearing 2 sprays to neck/chest, 1 to back of neck again today to see if it continues similarly. I like the relaxed, happy vibe I get from it....and it seems that appeals to others as well


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                Yesterday was another good day in spite of several wrenches being thrown into the works
                2 sprays to neck/chest, 1 to back of neck and then a re-app of 1 spray to cleavage about 8 hours later - just for me (wanted it wafting up from there as needed - plus wearing yummy cover scent = aromatherapy)

                This is consistently a conversation starter/inviter and I love the good mood it fosters in others (not that I mind that for me either!) There seems to be a LOT of CRAZY at work with current and ever changing procedures and to be able to still get things done and be able to laugh about things is priceless. There's a lot of negativity that comes along with people under stress and to be able to help people still deal with reality but step back to view the big picture and have a good chuckle in the grand scheme of things is invaluable!

                This is a pheromone blend that DOES this. It's not giddy/silly but it's upbeat - and I think outside of work could certainly BE silly fun if you took it that way.... It's not talk my ear off and tell me wonky private things, but it is an invitation to talk easily and freely and can really open up the floor for comfortable discussion and communication.

                Something I've noticed since purchasing - if you've followed my scent saga/love/hate relationship with Vibe? I was having a terrible time covering the beast and ordered my second bottle scented with Sweet Sensations and have just been trying to finagle things with the unscented bottle I have. I made the decision a while back to marinate it with a neutral scent - just maybe 10 drops I think (10ml bottle) - to take the edge off of it so I could spray it in public without embarrassment of that delightful MONE aroma....Well, it's marinated nicely over time, and while that doesn't cover the scent without later bleed through, it has made it much easier to cover with a spray fragrance. I'm going to call a truce between us and say Vibe and I have found a place of compromise !


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                  Nice reporting on Vibe, Nutrix. Hoped in to check out Vibe after I read a post about it somewhere. Sounds like a potent mix for only one spray to have VISIBLE scent, I usually go with XIST - LB - Taboo 2 from each and I don't feel it reeking lol (But my mones are before the new diffusion tech so dunno).

                  Anyhow, I liked the part where you experimented with Cohesion + Vibe and it sounded like a killed mix and you made me wanna grab a bottle just to try it as Cohesion is my main lovey-dovey mix when it gets more intimate . (I do have Flirt, but I guess Flirt and Cohesion will just offset each other; gotta try that one someday too ).

                  Honestly, your findings helped me clear out the difference between Connections and Vibe as I was lost which one to order next so thank you for that! (Vibe is more fun and energetic than Connection is although Vibe has Connections). Although, I prefer more intimacy and bonding, Cohesion and Connections is like you dropped the ultimate "dark stories" bomb on whatever poor soul you pass by


                  • NuTrix
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                    Did you ever try, or get a sample of, Vibe? Curious to know what you thought in tandem with Cohesion if you tried it

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                  Vibe 2 in neck and hands

                  Vsited mall with my daughter. I was upbeat and smiling. I noticed my little chick was more congenial and obedient. Happy still when I was refusing her to buy stuff. She adjusted. I had a kind of confidence, unknown to me before. I was not emotionally centered or feeling aggressive but calm easy and relaxed but yet sure of something. I was calm yet confident. and my chick was happy around me and most obedient too. we spent time in mall hanging around together we were happy together. mood was good for both of us. we were most agreeable to each other. other times when i refuse to but her things , she gets cranky or when i do window shpping she gets irritated. we were both letting each other do waht we wanted to do, and the other one was waiting happily. quite positive, uplifted spirits and happy cheerful mood.

                  Good feeling will test it more.


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                    vibe – 1 in neck.

                    I applied, it in morning when leaving for office and felt upbeat and happy. I felt like it has something similar to P74 of AD( if i am allowed to mention that). I went and during first half in office I felt quite good. A positive and cheerful vibe, feeling happy for no specific reason. this feeling is not overboard but general happiness feeling. I kept sitting in my room and did not do much. In second half I felt sleepy and wanting to come back home soon again. came back at 5.45pm. desperately waited for Wednesday to start so I can do my next day work.


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                      Nooo :( Didn't have the chance to try Vibe. However, I did try Flirt with Cohesion. It did soften the negative effects of Cohesion but effect wise on others, I preferred Cohesion solo in situations where you're alone with your someone as it's more intimate! Could be just me but Flirt (sample 2 sprays = 1 normal spray) did kind-of soften the effect of other mixes when I tried it (makes the mood a bit more cheerful and less dull lol).

                      I will grab a Vibe on my next order as I just ordered one and went for Bliss instead (Yes I still haven't tried Bliss so xD)


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                        All good things in time Flirt has everything but the rone-sulfate. Curious. If I haven't tried it w/Cohesion, I may have to check my notes! I think you'll like Bliss too

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                      This is in time report not out of journal....
                      Today i had again took out Vibe and tested... i will do more testing on other mixes soon.

                      Vibe - 1&1/2 spray on wrist. ( i say 1/2 spray cos when i sprayed from bottle ,so much went in air instaed of my wrist).

                      My organisation had closed down 2 units and so many people have left. i also left and i have to struggle right now for my money and expenses. strict budget only paying what is most imp. till i get another job which i am looking for now.

                      I had to go to bank to get my loan work done so i can manage my bills for sometime. I did put for the very reason so i feel positive within myself. when i reached bank the girl on the counter was more open and smiling. it was only 15 mins of application. i have dealt with this girl in past also and she is quite professional in her dealings. today she was very open and specially smiling with me while talking to me. she even came across the counter to make me understand few points. she have done some favour for sanctioning a little extra amount to me, for loan, which she said she is doing only for me. i noticed she made a lot of eye contact while taking, wherein rest of days she is hiding behind the counter and working in her computer and papers. she was standing tall over the counter to make conversations with me and was happy and respectful too.

                      Other cashier was also smiling and happy dealing with me and was polite and left his seat to come forward to complete my formalities and transactions. other days he hardly speaks to anyone. and wuitly works on his desk.

                      I am very sure evrything was different due to vibe cloud.
                      After finishing work here i went down to another bank to deposite all cash and there people were too happy to do my work. it was uplifted mood or upbeat feeling, but as if they were happy to help me out. generally they send us to respective counters, but today i was being seated respectfully and all the excutives were called to take my papers and complete my work while the one exective who was dealing my work was happily chatting with me. Guards were opening doors and volunteering and flowing information to me which is not thier job. executive filling form on my behalf, while i was relaxing and calmly sittng and watching her do my work.( other days they ask you to fill it and hand over the counter all by yourslef)

                      It has created a feeling as if i was someone they know and ready and happy to help. not VIP treatment but as you would do for someone whom you know and doesnt want the person to bothered for anything. just get the work done smoothly and hassel free.

                      I drove back to home and i had a phone call. though it wasn't a great news on the phone and i had pretty good idea what person would be talking to me, i was dancing and my chic was looking at me strangly. i know it wasn't something i would dance on but it made me feel happy so i danced.

                      very good product. a bottle of happiness and smiles....
                      must have for anyone.


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                        Well said Gracious! Waiting on my Vibe spray to arrive any day...


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                          This is actually more of what I was just looking for... and started a new post in the women's section. How do the mones affect members of the opposite sex? Knowhing that your guy (or girl) has them or does not have them on, what is the reaction?
                          Just expanded my collection.... XiSt, Cohesion, Bliss, and Evolve. Trying out the massage oils too. Also have samples of Ascend, Thinker, and Connections.


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                            It depends on the target, how they react. While there's a guide line, pheromones are not 1 size fits all. But that's kind of the fun. The XS products - anyone correct me if I'm mistaken - are geared for either solo wear OR mix and match. The reactions of individuals can be like fingerprints - each one unique. XS offers a general guide of what their blends will perform like, but you won't be reading long to see how most of us (if not all) tend to "tweak" by mix and matching What are you looking for specifically? Maybe we can give examples?


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                              Wore Vibe yesterday for work.
                              x2 Vibe
                              x2 Fantasy

                              Haven't worn Vibe in a very long time. At the end of the day I came back here to re-read what I'd previously noted to see if it's the similar and it's still spot on.
                              I noticed that when left to myself I was mellow, happy and just buzzing along in my tasks.

                              I also noticed what
                              mentioned in the Vibe XS thread:

                              Originally posted by fdesa12 View Post
                              Vibe solo self-effects for me has two different outcomes depending on my mood. I get that "cool guy" self effect for sure BUT...

                              If I'm in a neutral mood or a little under, I become that reserved, silent cool guy - not exactly willing to talk, but I'll use social situations to try to lighten up. Under this, people tend to not readily approach me but I do hear that they think I'm cool.

                              If I'm in a good mood, I steer towards having that popular and positive cool guy. Energy around me is a bit better.
                              While I didn't always look for others to open or chat with, they were drawn to me and, with Fantasy helping to steer, conversation and a happy mood were most pronounced. Just nice flowing, good interactions.

                              Plan to wear again today, maybe with a drop of LB oil today though...


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                                x3 Vibe
                                x2 Love Boat
                                This is a much more upbeat combo, very open to others and far more interested in opening people. Felt happy and chatty and if it wasn't me, it was someone near me. I think I like the heavier combos. x2 is enough for the workplace but I DO like a bit more fun, so a spray or 2 more and I'm really more in my element, lol. Felt more motivated and feisty and was just enjoying myself, whether I was with someone or all by myself


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                                  E-gads! Here I am, the morning after and woke to the delightful aroma of Vibe Smelled it bleeding through late last night, should've scrubbed it off then! Is that truly the b-nol? I know I amp that stanky molecule, thank goodness for great fragrances for cover...and moderate post scrubbing. I have it currently in Sweet Sensations and it does great for 6-8 hrs, then even THAT can no longer contain it. I've found it easy to cover, but the bleed through seems inevitable.
                                  Anyone - is this just my chemistry amping to all get out or is anyone else wrestling the beast after 6-8 hrs?


                                  Ad down