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Pheromones and Hypnosis

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  • Pheromones and Hypnosis

    I’ve been trying to learn hypnosis for quite some time, first in hopes of doing stage and street hypnosis, and more recently I’ve been looking to learn hypnotherapy. It got me thinking, would pheromones be of any use?

    I think pheromones that increase trust and comfort would be handy as a good session requires alot of both from the subject.

    pheromones that also lower inhibitions would also be of use as well.

    I’m also somewhat worried about status blends. I do not have much experience with them, but I’ve read that sometimes the status blends cause a fear response, or something close and those can be catastrophic if a subject is under.

    Does anybody have much experience to share? Or blends or single molecules that would be of use?
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    Try Thinker and it couples nice with some est but you'll have to experiment with it to find a dose out of the house. What I can wear out of the house is only smallish amounts but you need quite a bit, good for solo meditation. I find LALs nude kinda mesmerizing and it combos well with other stuff without a fem vibe. Beautifies and xsr 95 is an eyefucker. Connections, Xist. Jeesh, a whole lot of stuff. Just learn some basic rapport and people fall into sync.
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      Odyssey or other products high in alpha androstenol might be a good idea for this purpose. Limitless is also worth a try. Summer Daze is very relaxing. If the subject is female Cohesion seems like a good idea. If you want the subject to trust you and let you in p74 might also be worth trying. I would also try some oxytocin to make the subject relax.
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        Also make sure you use some mones that have confident self effects too , not just disinhibitors. I would apply it directly under my nose on my upper lip. I have been doing stage hypnosis for 8 years. also I recommend reality is plastic.
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