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Vibe: What a rush!

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  • Vibe: What a rush!

    At work

    The first time I used vibe, I used two sprays on the chest. First thing that hit me was the scent. I was spoiled with how soft Cohesion was but Vibe has a strong ozone like smell. Even with a cover scent, Peach Vulva from Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs, I could still smell throughout the day. No one else seems to notice.

    During the day at work, I felt like I had drunk 2 cups of coffee. I was laser focused on my work. I think it affected my co-workers because throughout the day Mr. Fedup the Boss and another co-worker, I will call Ms. Chatterbox, were coming to me for advice and opinion on things. This is weird for Mr. Fedup because he fancies himself as a ‘know it all’. At first, I was getting annoyed with the interruptions but, I had to remember I put on a pheromone meant to make me the center of attention.

    Now, I don’t know if this was a self-effect but found myself equally chatty, matching wit and zinging equally off colored jokes with Mr. Fedup to his amusement and a bit oversharing with Ms. Chatterbox which I had to catch myself. The patrons didn’t seem to be affected.

    Hanging out with Friends

    I decided to give Vibe another try this time with one spray on the chest, it was still strong and lingered all throughout the day but, like before no one seemed to notice but me.

    My friends invited me out for drinks. Due to COVID, the bar only allowed us to drink outside. It was a nice day so we didn’t mind. It was fun catching up with friends. Like before, Vibe gave me a burst of energy. Also like at work, I was being very casual and just letting stuff fly out of my mouth and making my friends laugh, like loud obnoxious laugher. When I say this isn’t me, I mean it. I’m known for being the “quiet one” in the group. I don’t know if it’s Vibe or I haven’t seen them in person for a while, I’m going to say both.

    Also, like work, my friends were asking my advice on this and that, especially where we should go and what we should do later in the year as a group, pandemic permitting. So far, we made two plans and I got to pick for one how we should dress. Haha.

    I’ll have to play around more with Vibe. I do like the energy boost it gives me.

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    Thanks for the awesome feedback! Vibes is one of my favorites, I wore it in Vegas for my birthday and had the best time.


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      Vibe is extremely cool social, but I haven't notice the focus aspect the OP mentioned. So I have to put it on to check that.

      ??????Full bottles: Sport, Celebrity, Innocence, Connections, And Babe, Cohesion, Temptress, Thinker, Fantasy, Psel, Tease, Xist x 2, Odyssey, LoveBoat, Vibe, Madame, Bliss, Summer Daze (XS122), Fairy Tale Limitless, XSP86, Engage, Happiness, Sweetness, Glow, Bitch, XS194, xs189, xs190, xs191, xs193, xs196, xs199, Naked Gun, Mascot, Pencil Thin Mustache and XSP102, Goddess, Api. DM oil.

      LPMP: Heart & Soul, Lumina, Cougar, MLH, Blatant Invitation, Sexology, Sexpionage, Audacious, Levitation, Popularity Potion, LFM, LFN, True Confession, Empathy.


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        Vibe is one of my favorite blends for Friday wear, lol, for ending the workweek with a happy BANG for everyone

        Teehee...not a good wall flower blend, as you've noticed
        You're never too old to learn NuTrix ^_~


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