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  • COMPLY XS199 + XSP74

    These products combo seems intriguing. I am actually in search of COMPLY kind of product. Anyone experience with this combo? a hard hitter ?

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    I haven't experienced that combo - however I did have a VERY interesting situation with COMPLY!

    It happened on my birthday and I was excited to get home because my brand new PlayStation 5 was going to be delivered. I was already wearing COMPLY while running some late errands so it's been on my skin for a good (3) hours.

    I applied one full spray to my wrist, added the other wrist on top and one full spray on the top of my hand and added the other top of my hand to it. rubbed my wrists to the back of my hands and the back of my hands to my wrists.

    I got a lot "sir", respect hits and people bending over to go out their way to help me, they wanted to see me happy and get my approval. I personally felt very grounded and a sense of self awareness...

    NOW for the interesting situation: As I was coming home in excitement to open my new PS5, I was pulled over by the cops for going 45mph in a 25mph zone. I saw the lights in the back and immediately knew why. The cop approaches, I rolled down my window, got my license and registration prepared and proceeded to tell the cop - "..I know exactly why you stopped me..."

    The cop literally commended me for my cooperation and asked me why I was going so fast and I told him the reason: I got a PS5 and I want to go home and play it lol.

    He immediately says "Oh I bought my son one - but he's on punishment for a week - so no game playing for him. You're gonna love it though.."

    We then both get into this conversation about video game systems and personal stuff. Then its back to business. He runs my license and registration and then comes back and tells me I'm totally good and thanks me for be honest and cooperative. He then says and I quote "I wish most of my stops are as smooth as this one..."

    I then tell him "..this whole thing about "police brutality" is a lie and absolute bullshit. police already have a tough job as is and when you have to protect yourself, then you're the bad guy. Don't commit crimes, Don't resist arrest and follow the officers orders!"

    the cop and I AGAIN are having another brief but powerful conversation about how the media lies to people and pushes this fake agenda of "white-cops-hunting-down-blacks" and he even admits that he's just doing his job, doesn't want to shoot anybody and wants to be able to come home to his wife and kids. He's also thought about resigning because people don't treat cops with respect anymore...

    I completely understood where he was coming from and for him to share that with me during a stop - wow

    In the end the cop gave me a warning instead of a ticket

    Whenever I get pulled over by law enforcement, I usually know why and I follow the cops orders/demands but I have never had and actual INTERACTION with any cop like how I did wearing COMPLY.

    Did COMPLY actually get me out of a ticket? I don't know, but what I do know is, I don't think I'd ever have that type of situation - if I didn't have it on!

    This was an INTERESTING experience!!


    • Btwfragheads
      Btwfragheads commented
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      Such an interesting hit you've got. Thank you for sharing. Did you put in a solo or a combo (with other mones)?

    • HeWhoCaresDaLeast
      HeWhoCaresDaLeast commented
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      nope this was by itself - no combo's and with just (2) sprays!

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    I think it was Isis who posted about using both. It was either 74 or 79 and she said it helped to soften Comply with her clients. There should be a thread around here.....I'll look and bump it for you.


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