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Pheromones for the performing musician

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  • Pheromones for the performing musician

    I'm a guitarist.

    I need to know what is the best pheromone for me to manage negotiations and make more money, attract women and not come across as beta, and also add to my accuracy, memory, speed of recall, creativity etc for performing on the electric guitar and also recording in the studio?

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    I’m thinking api but are there others? It should have a longevity time of at least 6 hrs.


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      Each one of those characteristics is covered by a different XS Blend. There is no one magic sauce that's going to propel you to stadium rocker. Really, people aren't going to detect it from the stage so it will be all about what the pheromone does for you in particular situations. Confidence will take you pretty far in each of those areas, Practice, Practice Practice then get out there, make mistakes, throw out songs that the audience doesn't like, and make sure you are in a city that cultivates musicians.

      That old stodgy stuff said, Roughly in the order of your characteristics listed. Comply, InBetween, Ascend, Taboo, Evolve, SOB, Sport, Thinker, Connections, Gameshow host, Everybody Loves me, and LALs Bad WOlf come to mind.

      Bad Wolf and an Ampeg V4 might do it. If you casn't find one of those I would go with a Hiwatt, an Orange or maybe one of these.

      This demo is meant to show the Leviathan with NO tweaking. All tone controls, resonance, and presence are set to noon. NO additional EQ in Pro Tools.
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        Haha nice! I own a Fractal Audio FM9, A fractal AX8, and A slash signature GB LP Standard, and a nice USA Fender Stratocaster Speicial. I also use lovely Redsound ELis 8 FRFR speakers (8") for amp simulations.

        I can output to a room of over 100-400 people with my FRFR speakers, or go through a FOH PA system broadcasting to the thousands.

        I am using similar equipment to what the Edge, taylor Swift, Steve Vai and many others use.

        Not a joke I'm looking for serious money and to be taken seriously. The practice is part of being alpha and creative.

        Sadly, pheromones only last a few hours and I can't wear them everyday without burnout.

        The best I ever worked with was products for clarity , logic , recall, and memory. AT is good, so is API. I can't afford to get angry at shows/negotiations though.


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          Seriously, Look up comply. It sort of leverages any pre-existing expertise. You also need emotional distance in negotiations, Third parties are good for this (agents) but bad wolf or SOB give me an IDGF attitude too. I always see people taking low prices because they like the venue or the barmaid or some stuff irrelevant to that.

          A well-rounded social media presence is standard today. Once again a SM manager can help maintain emotional distance from the social media muck. Promotion costs are a part of business expenses that most musicians don't want to pay or bother to manage. Not much happens without it.


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            I looked up comply. The problem with this one is it says you will also be on the receiving end of it and complying with others. In essence it's saying I i will give in a lose negotiating power while others win at it as well and I won't be dissapointed about it. Sounds like a weak alpha. How about API?


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              API is great and COmbos well with multiple blends. My favorite for a long time was 2 drops API and one drop Womens fantasy. Women constantly mistook me for a TV celebrity. If you are afraid of women's blends on principle, Anol blends like Flirt will brighten it up too. It's kind of a dark strong silent type of power by itself. By itself, I usually go 1.5 drops.

              As far as comply, remember, in a negotiation, both sides give in a bit to the other. For negotiations I also use Inbetween. its a bit like comply turned down a notch. Comply makes you the expert, you don't negotiate out of alha dominance, you suggest out of a position of expertise, InBetween is neither party is superior and it can become more of a collaboration than an arm-twisting alpha session. Real dominating negotiations leave the other side with regrets over the long term. There are many ways to negotiate. Around here only a couple of clubs still negotiate with musicians, instead, its agencies handle all the booking and negotiating for higher revenue from an agent is different than negotiating with a bartender.


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