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What are the good fragrances as cover scents for pheromones

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  • What are the good fragrances as cover scents for pheromones

    Hi all... As you know some pheromone blends are so stinky that you can't wear them without a cover scent.
    But what are the excellent fragrances for men right now? Which are great but not too expensive like aventus creed and not too ordinary like acqua di gio..
    I mean most of the guys wear blue de chanel, sauvage, nautical, Farhenite, spice bomb, ombre leather... These are too common... What are some unique and rare fragrances?

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    It kinda depends on what you are trying to cover. I use aquatics and citruses for the more social blends and oud and leathers for the more masculine blends. Most of my compliments are from ones you want to discount as too common. I don't think most women can tell differences between individual colognes. It seems that some that are too synthetic they tend to ignore but all colognes today are synthetic to some extent. Like pheromones, These niche scents scents depend a lot on skin type so you are really going to have to do a lot of sampling if you insist on going out of the main stream.

    I like the Christian Dior Privee line but they are not strong and mostly unisex. I get attraction but no compliments. And I own a lot of Al Haramain clones, These are generally pretty strong. There is an Amber Oud Gold that I like a lot, covers well and lasts forever. Oud vanillaish, supposedly a clone of xerjoff erba pura. I can't afford Tom Ford or Xerjoff so I quit even buying samples. I see you are in India, I was going to recommend a place for decants but you'll need something local. Here is the fragrance cite I use but don't buy whole bottles off their reviews. They seem to be able to point me in decent directions to sample but only wearing on your own skin can justify any major buys. https://www.fragrantica.com/perfume/...uit-42650.html

    Generally the Young Indian Girls at my local college seem to respond to light ouds and blends with a fair amount of androsterone in them. Dior Oud Ispahan And Santal Noire with alphas or imprinters. I'm waiting on AL Haramain Oud 36 Nuit. It will be my strongest oud to date. Good for winter and nights and a bit of the rose/oud scent of Oud Ispahan but less powdery and skanky/sensual. We will see.

    One I forgot to mention, is find a sample of Baccarat Rouge 540. Its unisex and makes chicks smile a lot. I got a clone of it that works well on the women but I'm allergic to, my nose just clamps shut and I can't tell how much I am wearing and I don't get to enjoy it myself. I really need to sample the real deal.

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      Yes there is no scentbird in India.. So decants is not an option.. But I just found out about musk and hustle and their "inspired" Versions of designer perfumes. They have these small 1.75ml roll on bottles.. Also it's in oil format, so it would last longer in the fucking heat of India..
      Have you or anyone tried these musk and hustle fragrances? Are they good? And more importantly, do they have synthetic, toxic musk in it?


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        Here's a cologne decant India google result. https://splashfragrance.in/about-us/

        Most musk is synthetic. A perfumer cannot be approved by the international fragrance association and use certain natural scents like musk ambergris and oakmoss. They are available but not from major houses.

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          Yes.. I have already tried few decants from them... Only last an hour max... Probably they use cloned perfume.. Also it's always hot in India.. So alcohol based perfume is not a good idea


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            Well I find it hard to believe that in all of India someone hasn't come up with the idea of legitimately decanting colognes Perhaps a business opportunity for ya. Use that fragrantica site link I gave ya. Each cologne has a graph for longevity. I have many alcohol based colognes that I can smell the next day and sometimes 2. Narrow them down to a few then take a trip to town. Nobody tries to sell cologne without letting you smell it. Sometimes they spray it on paper and sometimes they let you spray it on your skin too. I always ask to spray one on skin to see how it smells on skin and tell them I'll be back if I like the dry down and then I continue shopping for a while as I let the scent go through its stages on MY skin.

            My last buy Sauvage ELIXER had zero woody scent to it on a paper but as soon as it hit my skin the wood came out. 1 spay of that last night and I could still smell it 8 hours later. Try spraying on your clothes. It may be sweat that kills the scent more-so than heat. That Elixer mixed with any pheromones keeps getting me compliments and swoons. Last night was 2 Xist, 1 connections and one innocence and 1 elixer and and it was OMG what is that it turns me on so much. Unfortunately she said it was the cologne that had her hot and bothered and not me I told her about Sauvage but left the elixer and pheromones secret. Her sharp tongue go go find ten other guys wearing sauvage and won't be able to figure out why she's not anywhere near as horny LOL.

            We grow used to them on our own skin and can't smell them much after a short while but spray some on a shirt and come back to it 6 hours or the next day to see if its the cologne or your nose.

            BTW In a hot environment you should be looking for a fresher scent not a heavier one unless you are competing at night in a nightclub atmosphere full of smoke booze and other men's colognes. Citrus, aquatics/Ocean and aromatics/Amber for day use hot environment.

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              its hot and humid here, citruses become too overwhelming...sea notes, fresh spices, greens,etc are the only choice for day wear fragrances in India...and yes I know and do use fragnatica but only for understanding notes, other stuff llike longevity,diffusion,etc reviews and votes are not that relevant to indian atmosphere.


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