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Blends and combos to break through or disarm the bitch shield

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  • Blends and combos to break through or disarm the bitch shield

    Hi first of all HAPPY DIWALI to all..
    .I guess everyone knows what a bitch shield is so I will jump right on to the point.

    Is there any blends or combos by pheromonexs or other companies that can be used to disarm or breakthrough her bitch shield?

    Thanks for the cooperation

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    Do you mean for cold approaching, or someone you know already?


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      Originally posted by Editor View Post
      Do you mean for cold approaching, or someone you know already?
      For both.. But mostly for new encounters


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        The problem with this question is two fold in my opinion.

        1. Not all blends work for everyone. Some just mismatch our chemistry.

        2. It sees "bitch shield" as a thing, rather than as a negative reaction to how you present to others. In other words, if your issue is you seem too aggressive, a product line xist, mascot, or cohesion might lead to lowering of "bitch shield" behaviours. If you are perceived as low value, then ascend or api might do the trick.

        All that being said for new approaches, I'd say you'd want something that's social, and after application, evolve is very social for me, though it morphs into a different animal after a few hours.


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          Good points. Bitch shield could mean anything. Shield is the keyword. Why the shield goes up? Myriad of reasons.

          Real simply though, Socials are your friends, so are romance/intimates. If you are wearing alphas, open body language, arms out. smiles etc can often drop the shield. Girls are always looking for a good time, a laugh, amusement.

          BTW Are you even sure you want to break through a bitch shield ? If you get the shield down, the bitch is most likely still there. It may take a while to resurface. I don't mind it myself, find it amusing and like to poke at it. This of course gets me nowhere but sometimes I need amusement. Don't read anything into it and make assumptions. Ask them how they feel, sincerely try to understand them. Are they afraid? Are they tired of dishonest pickup pitches, Are they trying not to look like a slut in front of their girlfriends etc etc etc. You never know and pheromones take some time to work, Might as well try to get some useful information while you are waiting for the pheromones to hit. Try to understand more-so than trying to be understood.

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            The reason for the bitch shield is neither over aggressiveness nor low perceived value. The reason is socio-cultural dynamics. let me explain :
            In most of the India, sex before marriage is still considered a bad thing. Even the word "condom" is beeped out from movies and tv shows.. girls are afraid to even talk boys or men because if girls' parents find out, they will beat the shit out of them, forcefully marry her to the guy they think is right for her, or worse...just kill her because they think she is a disgrace for the "honorable" family...Also rape is a very common threat in India...Just a few weeks ago a 14 year old girl was gang raped in railway station in the daylight in Pune city.

            I am sorry.. it got a bit dark.. but its true... I need a blend that would nullify or reduce her fear so that we can have a great conversation...I am more than capable of taking it forward form there by myself...



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