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Make or break time

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  • Make or break time

    i'll soon be going on what will be pretty much a "make or break" date.

    She's a lovely lady and we obviously get on well - but she just seems to be that crucial bit reticent on making that final leap into a relationship via physicality and, yes, sex.

    I have a broad range of PSX product in my arsenal, so has anyone anything to offer with regard to what might push this thing over the line?

    She's had some exposure to XiSt and Taboo and they were +ve overall - but not quite enough.

    Any ideas? At the moment I'm favouring an ACE combo on the day.

    I'm 56 and so is she btw. White europeans.

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    Have you made your attraction very clear? I usually hint but fall short of clarity and women like clarity. Why don't you take SOB and taboo out for a spin. A single spray of SOB is enough for me to be assertive and take risks. Taboo keeps me friendly and smooths it out. I wore this last week and it was smooth and confident. I believe it was 2 drops taboo on either side of the neck, One spray SOB lower ab so it was out of my face and not too aggressive but assertive as mentioned.

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      Yes, since our last date I have been much clearer to her about how I feel about her and where I'd like us to progress to. This did, on the plus side, seem to make her more amenable to me (in our messaging since). The trouble - and here's the kicker - is she met someone when she felt we were not going anywhere due to my appearing not interested enough (hands up, I screwed up there). She is still seeing this guy but doesn't seem overly wild about him from what she's told me. Hence I say this next date will be make or break. I'm not interested in playing second rank and will kick it into touch if nothing happens... again.

      I'll trial that Taboo + SOB mix you mention M - cheers for that - beforehand as I have a few social engagements coming up.


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        in what ways would you compete with this man? More of this, more of that?

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      I'd definitely suggest evolve in whatever mix you use.


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        I don't know a great deal about him as a person, only that she seems to play him down when communicating with me. About the most significant is that she's said, "He's different and interesting". Make of that what you will. As I mentioned, I'm not interested in playing second fiddle - but I do want to give one last throw of the dice on her. I do think I have a strong chance - but I am prepared to lose all. Life's sometimes like that!


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