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I have a few questions

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  • I have a few questions

    Hey guys what's up quick history I've been using pheromones for quite some time all the way back to like 2009 I think. I bought some from here two years ago ascend and celebrity. I haven't really used them much. recently I thought I'd buy a couple more and have fun with some people at work.

    Anyways I picked up xist, cohesion, and bliss.
    I bought them with the idea that I could get some of the girls I work with too fall in love with me. I know some of them already do like me I can tell, but I just want to see them squirm!

    Anyways I'm assuming that xist or cohesion will cause these girls to feel crush feelings am I correct?

    ??????Also is cohesion the best substitute for instant female magic from the old androtics?

    I also shipped a sample of mascot and I sprayed it at work and when I walked into the kitchen at 7:00 in the morning everyone started dancing. I've been around mones long enough to know when I see it, and this was totally out of the ordinary. Then later on in the day I had this old Asian rolling her tongue at me. Everyone was really happy and excited.

    My favorite part about mones is that slick smile you get when you notice a hit. Or that little laugh inside. Having to wear a mask all day helps too because I can make great faces. Oh and for anyone who is wondering most masks work with pheromones still. Not as much e/ n95 tho. Ok thanks!
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    I have no idea what is in the androtics stuff you mentioned, you about sold me Mascot though LOL.

    Just my own opinions, When you are looking for hits from Xist, watch their eyes. I often see a sudden recognition of something in people's eyes. I'm not sure what I'm seeing but I think they are startled by something, Their eyes lock for a moment, a bit of dilation and then that something.

    Cohesion has a lot of A1, women get closer. I don't know if they feel crush but they want to be closer and pre covid they would touch rub etc. This behavior does not carry over the next time I see them unless I am wearing cohesion, They may feel comfortable but they can forget about it. Xist seems to have a longer lasting crush, attraction curiosity thing going on.

    I use xist around potential long term people, both women and men. And I use cohesion more around women barely know and want to get closer to.

    Celebrity, mascot and Ascend are all great for a worklike environment. You should try them out some more.

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      Ok so quick update for anyone reading. I've worn xsist around 4 of the girls at work. 2 of them twice and the other 2, 3 times. (2 are sisters 18 and 20) Today when I arrived at work I noticed that immediately as one of the sisters walked in her head turned right towards me with a very curious look. LOL. It looks like this stuff really does work!

      This is gonna be fun!!! Also it seems to give me crazy confidence like the feeling that I can talk to and pull in any girl. I've always been like this but with this stuff on man I feel like the world is mine to take! Will update more soon ..


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        When you get that eye contact, see if there is something you can do for them or even suggest you would. Xist is not so much a real alpha product IMO as a mature product. An attempt at olf fashioned chivalry may lead you into the correct actions to follow up the attraction.

        For instance, Last night I was wearing it and instead of waiting for my barista to bring my pourover to me I waited. They often like to bring it over because I am not breathing down their neck to hurry up but last night I waited. I eventually got a bit of eye contact and complimented her eyes, her eye makeup was dramatic so I kept it low key and she kind of brushed it off. I asked if she was alone and she told me So and So was in the back washing. So and So is a Femme that dresses to the nines but she can be nice if you steer away from sexual references on her dress. Better to compliment her choice of fashion though I have been wanting to see if I could mention fit since its always tailored and perfect.

        Well anyhow So and So comes out in well fit but frumpy dishwashing clothes and likes that I was asking about her and the Xist gently wraps around here until I get those big brown saucer eyes and It just comes out, "I should be washing dishes for you". The laughter was near mayhem and I had to stand my ground as my coffee was served and then slip away as they turned to each other with that rapid excited chatter. But I was in solid with the first one and certainly didn't score negative points with the other. Several sensitive convos with the first, I had her confidence. I am pretty sure I had the Femme's confidence as she walked by slow and pensive like she wanted to say something but kept her femme distance. Getting her confidence will be like landing a huge trout on a placid lake with a tiny artificial fly but I like the challenge.

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          Xist needs multiple exposure to take effects for reset and crushy feelings, but the effects are kinda long lasting, so the initial exposure dont phase out before the next exposure that easy. So, each exposure to Xist will built up on the previous exposure. It projects a good vibe, like a dreamy prince charming type of boyfriend, so you should act the part and be a gentleman and a polite deary person, but not overtly to be seen as a beta boy either. Simple, dont be a jerk which will conflict with the Xist vibe.

          And i myself prefer straight A1 instead of Cohesion. If you can wear straight A1, use it instead of Cohesion, at around 25 to 50 mcgs with 1 or 2sprays of Xist. That combo is really good for me to create crushy butterflies in a woman.
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            Ok so I've been wearing xist targeting a specific girl and her sister. It seems to be working. Although one of the girls was having some trouble with another guy and she asked for my advice. I gave her some and then suggested she take a picture with me with my arm around her and she could then use that pic to make the guy jealous. That's totally something I would not normally so. I consider that to be a self effect and since I am engaged I have to be careful doing things like that. I felt kinda bad later on. I can see how this stuff gives the instant boyfriend vibe. I can only imagine what was going through her head during that pic. I talked to her later in the day and he look definitely changed from interest to this glowing huge pupils I love type of look. I laughed on the inside lol. I should mention that even though I'm doing this I have no interest in dating anyone. It's just have them drooling for me lol. Am I a bad person for doing that? IDK but I should def be more wary about self effects of xist. Now that I see what it does. LOL.

            I should also mention I had two sample sprays of ascend (love that stuff I have it in oil too) and I think that my have contributed to the picture thing. God I wish I had xist when I was single lol. I only used to used a314, jerk, ammo, shine and TUTH. Those combos would get me laid for sure but none of this crush stuff lol!

            I really have to wonder how often she looks at the pic that I took with her.


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              Seems like you are getting good results with Xist. But that is kinda needless to use a pheromone to influence a womans emotions yet not with the intention of going after her. Its an expensive stuff after all lol. But hey, its all cool. But beware of using Xist like that, because someday, you might attract some mentally unstable or highly emotional women, and when they see you acting indifferent, they may stalk or threaten you, etc. Not a good place to be in. Believe me, i know, i had experienced it.

              Experiment, Experiment, Experiment !!!


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                Hahaha that sounds like fun lmao. Sorry can't have me. I've always kinda gotten off in that. The whole you want what I can't have more thing. We'll see what happens. Maybe it's a be careful what u wish for situation lmao! I can't wait to wear evolve around her!


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