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Could someone explain PSE to me?

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  • Could someone explain PSE to me?

    Could someone explain PSE to me? There isnt much information on it besides that it makes sex more intense and mentally prominent but that is it.

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    I have a sampler of PSE but haven't used it yet. Supposedly it gets the ladies wet and wild in the bedroom...we shall see.
    PXS: Ascend, Cohesion, Evolve, Bliss, Xist, Loveboat, PSE, XSR193(Boyfriend), SOB
    LAL: Aqua Vitae, Nude, Possess, Voodoo, Bad Wolf, DP
    PT: GOA, Swoon, Captain, AOA
    AD: Glace
    Lovescent: NNPA
    Androtics: A314 Rev 32, TUTH


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      I have a sample I will be running soon
      XS - Xist oil, Cohesion oil, API oil, Taboo oil, Ascend w cops, Evolve, Connections, Love Boat, Exotica, P96, Crush sample, SOB sample, Barely Legal sample, XSport sample.

      A314 rev 32 oil, IG, IS, P86, A314 spray.


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        Hello in the round, I tried it yesterday in affair with a mature woman. I had the mixture PSE + Cohesion + Evolve. It actually went off as always. First we talked about her and her family. In between, I teased her a bit, put her briefly my tongue in the neck and then the conversation continued. Until we finally fell over each other. The sex with this mature pearl is just awesome. I know she comes early. That's why I can really take my time while licking and graze all points. Only, I do not know if it's because of the PSE, because I also use the C + E combo with L2K V.1 from Alpha Dream and have the same results. Just as SteveO mentioned here in the forum, just spray and wait to see what happens, does not work. You have to get the feelings of the woman in motion. Then she is exposed to your cloud for a while. And you can tease them in between times and pay attention to their IOIs. I read a lot here and also try a lot for myself. Many thanks to the old-established here in the forum ....


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