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- cops ascend with no teeth!

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  • - cops ascend with no teeth!

    I have always worn my Ascend with cops, the smell doesn't bother me anymore but I'm a work environment I heard that cops could work against you, smelling of woman's bits and could be polarising.

    Ascend has been brilliant product for me but thought I'd try it without cops. To be honest this week it isn't a patch on ascend with cops. I'm not a player type but ascend solo with cops got me quite a bit if respect and even some flirting and I could see women respond. I work with women in early 50s. The ascend with no cops just felt weak and really didn't get me respect or the same flirting I am used to.

    I don't know what that says about the women I work with but I am definitely back using ascend with cops.

    anyone else had this experience. I might try the ascend without cops a bit longer. I didn't get as strong self effects either!

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    The cops in ascend are minimal like one drop in 80ml or something
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