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Help with a date (just the mone signature)

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  • Help with a date (just the mone signature)

    Hello PheroPham,

    I got asked on a date tonight and I decided to say yes. I know nothing about this person at all. I got opened at the bank by the teller. I never go into the bank for anything these days. Cute teller and I started shooting the shit and next thing I know is she's asking me if I want to get drinks with her tonight. I'll bite.

    I'm thinking of the tried and true SOB + Bliss for the date but I'm not sure.

    I was wearing Ascend when I met her. Maybe an Ascend + fill in the blank? I'm open for possibilities and this is a social experiment. If the 'mone signature fails me I'm not gonna cry over it.

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    Ascend+SOB+Bliss is a good mix. Just go with your normal doses.
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      Originally posted by Scottie2Hottie View Post
      Ascend+SOB+Bliss is a good mix. Just go with your normal doses.
      Sounds like a good mix for drinks
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        Hello, back to report.

        2x ascend 1x sob 1x bliss

        Definitely a good mix. This girl had meningitis love at first. I meet this girl after work. Shes a cute Korean girl and we find mutual interest in a lounge. We go to the lounge and we have a small booth/table. Conversation is great.

        inthink the bliss started it off for her. She was very elated and in a good mood. I think it was the Ascend but Ibcould tell some of her conversation pieces and responses to mine were done with a level of approval. She was fishing for my approval with a lot of her responses.

        Her flirty behavior came out from the confidence projected from the Ascend and the asshole vibe of SOB. She was trying hard for my approval but also on her toes because she could feel a 'whatever' vibe from me.

        We were in good spots. There was a lot of touching throughout the night. We left over to another spot. The second spot had an outdoor lounge area for smoking. Not the biggest fan of cig smoking I find it a big turn off.

        We ended up making out (ugh) but that was it. She had a great time and wanted a second date. We left it on the first date and I later I let her know that I wasnt interested. Good combo on mones. Would have been great for a one night stand and it definitely facilitated a successful evening.


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