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  • Searching for Effective Combo

    Hello all. I am back after a long hiatus......

    My goals have not changed -- my wife is conservative and sexually reserved; I'm looking for increased interest/receptiveness and initiation from her in the bedroom. I want her to 'let go' and not be uptight when we do have sex. We have a good relationship and the sex is very good...when I initiate (and when she doesn't reject my advances). She is mid-late 50s and I am early 60s and married for almost 40yrs -- so we know each other very well.

    I have not yet found a combo that she consistently responds to in ANY way.

    Most recently, I have been trying a combo of (1 spray ea) Ascend w/cops + Taboo + Xist + Cohesion (oil is all I have, so 1 drop behind each ear).

    Thus far, no IOIs at all from her. After application last night, I sat within 2 feet of her for almost 2 hours and got no reaction; plus, when we went to bed she shunned my advances. I do also have Desire Me oil for men; She does not like the smell, so I have been hesitant to use it in the aforementioned combo...also since Ascend has cops.

    I am unsure if I should keep trying this combo or try something else. I have tried Evolve and PSE in the past with no success.

    I am looking for any help / advice that anyone might be able to give me. Thanks.

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    How many sprays of Evolve/PSE did you try? Personally I would try using more eNone based products or even add pure eNone.


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      Been quite a while since I tried Evolve and PSE. Best I remember, it was 2-3 sprays max


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        Evolve takes quite a while to heat up.

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          Originally posted by Muestereate View Post
          Evolve takes quite a while to heat up.
          Like between 1-3 hours
          Pheromone XS
          Oil: Cohesion
          Spray: Xist, Evolve, Love Boat, Flirt


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