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has anyone used brute or destroyer?

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  • has anyone used brute or destroyer?

    these 2 pheromones intrigue me alot. I'm looking for a phermone to intimadate others and these 2 mones seem to fit the bill. the problem is I can't find any reviews on these 2 especially for destroyer. so I was wondering has anyone used any of these 2 pheromones? would you recommend either one of these 2 or another for intimidating others ?

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    Reports on Destroyer are inconclusive at best. I don't know that anyone has really gotten any results with it but I don't think it's been adequately tested either. I love Brute. It's my go to lately. But it's not nearly as brutish and intimidating as the product description would have you believe.

    Might I ask why you are so intent on intimidating people?
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      to make a long story short there is some people I dont get along with and when they see you they make off comments so you hear

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    Maybe try Dominant Ascend around those people and see if your status is elevated enough to either gain respect or lose the shit talking. You gotta properly carry yourself though when wearing it if you want it to be believed.
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