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Hiw much none in Evolve

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  • Hiw much none in Evolve

    Hey all,

    I am new here.. though not new to pheros. I woke from a 3 year hiatus after running short of my A314. Thankfully ran right into pxs. So far I have onoy used the mones by AD , other than EoW.

    I purchased evolve and xist. Now on arrival i just tried out one single spray of Evolve. Man it is soo none heavy.. I dont know how they managed to temper the negative effects. The smell of none lingers even after a day, despite soaping and scrubbin. I think it may contain more none that the erstwhile Jerk from now defunct AD, which was more badboy vibe than sexual.

    Will try this and xist this week and come back later

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    It is 20 mcg/spray. Only one spray is recommended. It is really well buffered. I've used as much as 3 sprays without ill effect.
    Brute, Dominant Ascend, Prowl, APi, Evolve spray, PSE spray, XSP74 12.5 mcg, XSP75 12.5 mcg, XSP83 12.5 mcg, XSP86 12.5 mcg, XSP93 12.5 mcg, XSP96 12.5 mcg, XSR29 12.5 mcg, XSR32 12.5 mcg, XSR35 12.5 mcg, XSR36 12.5 mcg XSR37 12.5 mcg, XSR39 12.5 mcg, XSR85 12.5mcg, AndrostAnone 25 mcg, AdrostEnone 5 mcg, DHEA 40 mcg, DHEAS 30 mcg, Androsterone 10 mcg, Epi-Androsterone 10 mcg, Androsterone Sulfate 40 mcg, A1 20 mcg, Alpha Androstenol 40 mcg, Beta Androstenol 50 mcg


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