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Just got in my Ascend oil

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  • Just got in my Ascend oil

    I am not liking this dropper that I have to manually draw up the pheromones. This makes on the go application seem impossible. I guess the spray is the alternative but that defeats the purpose of wanting the oil. I'm terrified I'm.going to spill it. Also being exposed to the entire smell of the bottle for me is off-putting.

    Anyone want to give me some tips or help me change my mind. I know the a314 bottle from androtics used to have problems with the drops doubling up so I can see that as a benefit but other than that I'm a little wary.

    On another note I got sample of xist I'm excited to try out. And cohesion and temptress samples for my girl. So far so good this company seems great I really like their service, the candies, the glow sticks, and the fun attitude!! 10 times better experience than androtics already.

    Also one last thing. Is th sample of cohesion that was sent for my girlfriend a different formula than the male one or can I try it too?

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    Okay so I tried the dropper bottle for the first time today and it is actually very efficient.


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      If you get good with a pipette it's extremely efficient. I've even developed a special way to hold the pipettes because I use them a LOT when doing perfumery work. It gives you very high levels of precision. Are using a dropper with a rubber squeeze bulb?


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        The Ascend oil does not double up even if it is used in euro-dropper bottles. The droppers caps are new child safe mechanisms. I know it takes a bit time to apply, and risky to use on the go. But they are good and efficient for home applicatiin users.
        The female Cohesion is different than the male Cohesion.

        Did you try the Ascend yet?


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          Yes I have used the oil so far but it just keeps making me fall asleep at the end of the day. I haven't really tested enough to notice a difference but it seems like one spray of the sample was a bit stronger than one drop of the oil is this correct?


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            Ok so I've had this oil for almost 3 weeks and I already got a raise at work. Incredible. I love it!!!!


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              Haven't worn anything for a whole week. Everything is nice and calm and back to normal. Looking to buy connections next!! Should I get the oil or the spray


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                Honestly I prefer sprays for everything. Oils are great but the distance of diffusion is always lesser so I prefer sprays even if I have to use them more often.
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