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  • A1 review

    My husband tested 10 mcg

    He didn’t notice any self effects. He actually had less negative thoughts today than normal.

    He says that I was very sweet to him. A different type of sweet than my normal sweetness. I was more caring in the way I treated him and in the way that I looked at him. He thinks I had more eye contact.

    I felt physically and emotionally excited when he walked into the room. This excitement went on for a few minutes and started to turn into happiness. It’s not normal for me to feel excitement about him. I think we are past that stage. Unfortunately for him, there was no congruency. I didn’t know he was wearing pheromones, but the excitement wore off quickly because he seemed bored, tired, distant. I even felt like hugging him several times, but I didn’t because of his behavior. I think I might have been confused if I felt excitement for a man when he gave me no reason in his body language or behavior. Unless I already had an attraction for him.
    I noticed that I spoke to him in a more gentle tone.
    When he told me that he was testing a product, I went up to him and smelled his neck. I couldn’t smell anything at all.

    im hoping he will be fortunate enough to wear this product.

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    10 mcg again, he wants to see how consistent the products is.

    We had a big argument this morning, I was very upset.

    He says that as soon as he sprayed it, I lightened up and I became sweet again.

    He saw four people in different places that he hadn’t seen in a long time. Two he hadn’t seen in a month. One of them he hadn’t seen in years. They all treated him like they were really happy to see him. They all talked much longer than usual, and about personal stuff. They gave him compliments and treated him like he was their friend. These are all professional relationships.

    I felt love love for him and I missed him a lot.

    He says that today and yesterday he felt a focus doing his work that he hasn’t felt in years.

    I smelled him when he told me he was testing a product and I smelled nothing at all.

    He thinks the spray lasted for about three hours.


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      Interesting. Most find best results between 40-100 mcg. I'd be curious to know how you both react in that dosage range.


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        That’s an interesting suggestion he hadn’t considered. He says he will build up to it.


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          Personally I stick between 40-60 mcg. Most commonly 40 mcg.


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            Have you ever felt negative side effects?


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              No but some men do.


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                We’re keeping a close eye on any negative self effects. Another positive self effect he noticed is that the last two nights were the best night sleep he ever remembers having.


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                  Hello Delight, nice to see you.
                  According to my observation, there is no negative side effect of A1 through inhalation. But, one thing I noticed that when it gets into the eyes, the eye aches (rather than burn). Could be by touching the eyes with the same finger that we used A1 oil to apply, or tiny particles of spray flew into the eye, or accidentally touching the applied point to the eye. (Could be A1 product or a mix that contains A1).
                  This ache from the eye spreads into the nerves behind the eye and spreads into larger area of the head of that side. And this often reaches the depression section of the brain, I guess.
                  No exposure to eyes, no pain in my experience.


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                    Falvinski, that’s very interesting. I’ll tell him to keep his eyes closed when spraying it.

                    Today he wore 5 mcg of A1 with 30 mcg of p96.

                    No self effects.
                    There was strong eye contact. People wanted to be physically close to him, so they went out of their way to sit next to him. He got prolonged attention from many people including me. Very positive reactions. I felt some kind of excitement about him and I paid a lot of attention to him. I was eagerly awaiting to see what he would do.


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                      I wonder how much of that was A1 and what was due to P96. The reason I wonder is that 5 mcg is extremely low. Like in the undetectable range. Keep increasing the dose and take notes.


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                        You’re right! He tried 5 mcg again today and don’t think I was affected. He doesn’t think he was affected either. We were both happier than normal, but we’re not sure if it’s because of the A1. He asked me to smell him where he put the A1, about 11 hours after he sprayed it. I didn’t smell anything at first, but I kept inhaling. I smelled it, and I didn’t want to stop inhaling. It was definitely sexy! Not like horrible cat piss or something. We ended up having sex. I think it was because it kinda turned me on, and also because the p96 tends to have that effect on me. He slept soundly again. He loves that this product helps him sleep better even at such a low dosage. So far he’s liking it better than p96. I’ll report back later in case he notices any hits.


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                          Wow, 11 hours after application? Perhaps it is stickier than I realized. Duly noted.


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                            These are awesome reviews. Keep them coming.
                            I gotta get more Cohesion, Crush or strait A1 soon!


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                              I’m so glad that what we’re posting is encouraging you. He wants to keep wearing it. He’s also going to try it with other products. A1 has so many great qualities that it’s worth a try.

                              He didnt notice any social effecs today at 5 mcg. What he did notice is that he had a lot of energy. It didn’t feel fake, it felt natural to him, and it was a constant level all day. He’s usually tired on Friday’s, yet today he had the energy levels he typically has on Wednesday’s. He thinks it’s a combination of the sound sleep, and there might be something in the A1 that doesn’t allow for high and lows for self effects.


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                                15 mcg

                                I spoke in a more gentle tone to him.
                                Was more caring and not annoyed at all by things would have annoyed me.
                                About 15 minutes after he sprayed it, I felt like standing closer to him than normal and kissing him.
                                My heart began to beat faster with some sort of excitement. I would have thought I had a crush on him if I didn’t know him so well.
                                I felt like hugging him. There was something so cuddly about him, in a manly way.
                                I felt so good around him! All these hits were similar to those of p96, but different.
                                I had to ask him if he was wearing something.
                                He said he did, so I smelled him just to make sure he didn’t stink. I couldn’t smell anything at all other than his clean soap showered scent.

                                He had solid energy all day long.

                                A very, very standoffish rough looking guy approached him. Usually happy people approach him. After five minutes of talking with my husband, the guy lightened up and he was very happy. It turned into a business opportunity.


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                                  Taking notes.....


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                                    Delight Do you feel that you 15mcg or 10mcg has a better effect with you? I am curious the self effects from your husband, is he more responsive to you and your feelings as you continue to up the dosage (with or without P96).


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                                      I like the effects it has on me when he wears the 15 mcg much better. So far he hasn’t really had any self effects as far as the way that he relates to me. The self effects he has experienced has been energy levels and sound sleep. At 15 mcg he felt confidence the second time he tested it, which I will report on soon.


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                                        15 mcg

                                        He wore it to an event where there were many difficult people.

                                        There were no negative social effects.
                                        One guy that dislikes my husband got really happy after being around him for one minute. He acted like they were buddies. He has never been friendly to my husband before.
                                        A woman that has opposing views as my husband treated him with school girl like crush.
                                        Another woman whom he gets along great with held his hand for about two minutes. She would not let go of the handshake.

                                        For self effects he felt confidence.

                                        He only wore it around me for about two minutes before he went out. I don’t think I was affected at that point. After he came back and we went to sleep, I felt something that I don’t know if I’ve ever felt before. I can’t even describe it, the closest I can describe it to would be comfort. I felt so good being around him.


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