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took a break from pheros but now im back in the game lol ...

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  • took a break from pheros but now im back in the game lol ...

    took a few weeks off of pheromones because ive noticed that i wasnt getting the hits etc that i was getting but now im back for good now that being said im looking for mostly imprinting , social , flirty , crushy blends with status i can use for work and play without fear of negative effects from either sex on the days i wear the blends at work . i already have evolve , ascend , taboo (half bottle ) xist (almost out) taboo and various sample bottles of stuff lol .

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    Good idea to take a break :=)

    Living in Nordic climate, very cold and humid. Targets Caucasian/blond women, not really much chance to test with black, hispanic or asian. Living in a city, I target mostly 18-40 years old.
    Pheromone XS: SOB, Xist oil, Love boat, Cohesion oil & spray, Ascend -cops-, Connections, Evolve.
    Alpha dream: Alpha Maschio.
    Love Scent : scented Chikara, NPA 15ml.
    Androtics: A 314 oil (rarely use)
    Cover cologne: Armani Code


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      yeah it was

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    I think I may take a break as well and really pinpoint the areas the Pharos are working for me.


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      You have to notice that your attitude has been evolved and molded as other people remember you, the longest i would say to take a break is 1 month. People will notice that your acting different, or they'll get one thing and expect another. They have been conditioned
      : : END TRANSMISSION : :


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