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  • Cohesion for Women For Men

    Women's Cohesion Oil contains the following - AndrostaDIENONE, Dehydroepiandrosterone, Beta-AndrosteNOL, Beta-AndrostANOL, Beta-THDOC, Dipropylene Glycol, Alcohol Denat (SD40B)

    Nothing here that a man can't wear.

    Any guys try Cohesion for women? Seems like a good product to pair with a high enone product.

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    Isn't Cohesion unisex?

    ​​​​​​Full bottles: Sport, Celebrity, Innocence, Connections, And Babe, Cohesion, Temptress, Thinker, Fantasy, Psel, Tease, Xist x 2, Odyssey, LoveBoat, Vibe, Madame, Bliss, Summer Daze (XS122), Fairy Tale Limitless, XSP86, Engage, Happiness, Sweetness, Glow, Bitch and XSP102.
    Testers: DesireMe+, Fantasy, Love Boat, Innocence, Cohesion.

    LPMP: Heart & Soul, Empathy, True Confession, Blatant Invitation, Sexology, Sexpionage, Audacious, BANG, SS4W, Levitation, Popularity Potion.


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      Originally posted by Ildergreier View Post
      Isn't Cohesion unisex?
      No there's a men's formula and women's formula. The men's seem quite simple by comparison.

      Metaltree I don't see why it couldn't be paired with a sexual. If it's even more of a feel good formula for women it stands to reason that it work just as effectively paired with some male pheros.
      Brute, Dominant Ascend, Prowl, APi, Evolve spray, PSE spray, XSP74 12.5 mcg, XSP75 12.5 mcg, XSP83 12.5 mcg, XSP86 12.5 mcg, XSP93 12.5 mcg, XSP96 12.5 mcg, XSR29 12.5 mcg, XSR32 12.5 mcg, XSR35 12.5 mcg, XSR36 12.5 mcg XSR37 12.5 mcg, XSR39 12.5 mcg, XSR85 12.5mcg, AndrostAnone 25 mcg, AdrostEnone 5 mcg, DHEA 40 mcg, DHEAS 30 mcg, Androsterone 10 mcg, Epi-Androsterone 10 mcg, Androsterone Sulfate 40 mcg, A1 20 mcg, Alpha Androstenol 40 mcg, Beta Androstenol 50 mcg


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      I haven't tried Cohesion for women but I bought some for my room mate, and I don't think she really uses it any more and there's still 1/3 of the bottle left. I may give it a shot and report back. I was always scared of using it because i thought it had feminine pheromones, but now I see that there's nothing in it a man can't wear.


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