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    So I was doing some know how I am. Lol In the store it says this product has 188 mcg of pheros/drop. 188? Really? Considering it's only a four phero productv what must the Rhone content be? Let's assume 40 mcg/ drop of Enone.....pretty much an OD in and of itself plus (?) Anone at let's say 5 mcg/drop given the low side suggestions of forum posters. That leaves what? 143 mcg of pheros? What could there possibly else be that equals that much?

    Now I've come to realize that not all of PXS claims of phero contents aren't accurate. I've read contradictions more than once. But over 100 mcg/drop of "other pheros"? Are we to believe that Domination contains MORE than an OD of Enone? And if those other two pheros equal 100+ mcg why aren't they named. It's my understanding that SteveO includes antything that constitutes >10% in the content of any product why aren't they mentioned?

    One thing doesn't add up. Is Enone >40 mcg/drop (OD range) + 5 my Anone (> that equal OD range) which I don't believe based on my exoerience.

    So SteveO what is the real story?
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