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A totally different approach to selecting a product

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  • A totally different approach to selecting a product

    Ive hung around the forum for a while and anyone who has followed my posts know I only bought xist so far and have been using it sparingly but around the same group of people. I read a post earlier here:

    Which is one of the most interesting posts I have read on this or any forum.

    Up until now I have (and from what I read of other peoples questions they are the same) always approached this from the "what do I want to get out of the pheromone" angle and that was what lead my decision making process.

    Now I know there are some people who play the game and switch up their tactics around different woman but would it not make more sense for someone who is getting into pheromones for the 1st time and wanting to see effect to actually go with a product that matches their current personality?

    If we say for arguments sake its 90% you 10% pheromones (even though I saw a post today suggesting a 75/25 split) then would it make sense to go with something that compliments your existing personality rather than looking for something that would have a pre-created effect?

    Maybe I am over analysing?

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    Here's the thing, what results do you want? Continue to do what you always do, you get what you always get. Are you satisfied with that? If not, you need to change who you are. All of life is change. Spin your wheels and be dissatisfied or change who you are and get different results. It's up to you. Just spraying yourself with pheromones won't change that.
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      The most effective pheromone for me has been Ascend, hands down. If they made a mone to match my personality(loner, random, introvert) that would do me no good. Go for what you want to project, but be yourself. Yourself will change!
      I've tried much more, but these are my current, or most used mones:
      Spray- XiSt, Evolve, SOB, Ascend, Celebrity, Cohesion, PSE, P86, P96, P75, P130
      Oil- XiSt, Taboo, Evolve, Ascend, Api, Voodoo


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        26/M/New England

        Arsenal: Ascend-cops Oil, Connections Spray (30 mL), Evolve Oil, Spaceland


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          Im reasonably happy with my success rate but have a couple of people Id like to get into bed or perhaps more who I have known for a very long time. I am sort of playing around with pheromones to see if they get things moving or help create a sort of spark


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