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Xist,Evolve great! now just received Taboo and Cohesion - Advice please!

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  • Xist,Evolve great! now just received Taboo and Cohesion - Advice please!


    Firstly thanks to all of you that replied to my first post, it is a great friendly community here. I just wanted to say that EU hub is fantastic for me living in the UK and just want to highlight what a great service I have had and to please, please, please keep the packaging the way it is. comes in a jiffy bag envelope, order my normal Bulgarian mail, comes within 5 days and it goes through my letterbox so I don't have to go collecting parcels or knocking on neighbours doors!

    I received Xist + Evolve around a month ago and wrote a report, in short I have seen great results with Xist as a standalone, women have been more chatty and sometimes when I have chatted it has felt like we are really bonding. This product has been great in my work environment and this one particular woman I like who is in her early 50s gets hit with my phero cloud quite a bit and she seems to really like Xist, I have noticed crossing and uncrossing legs, sniffing my neck when she thinks I don't know and me pretending that I don't know she is looking at me when she is at the side of me lol, which is great. Also when I have been to the supermarket with people I don't know I have noticed some hits where women will stare or even invade my space or smile!. Xist has worked for me.

    I have used evolve on quite a few occasions and its like rocket fuel. I have tried it at work (2x Xist + 1x Evolve) and had the woman I like very excited, though it also seems to cause some resistance in her. For example yesterday she was showing signs of excitement around me when we talked, she was crossing and uncrossing her legs frantically, rubbing her chest and while she talked to me she squeezed her legs together with her hand between her legs so the side of her hand would have been touching her you know what, she was displaying her neck to me and gently rubbing it up and down. At one point during the day i asked her a question and she stood over me with her hands on her hips pushing her chest out just centimetres from the side of my face. She was constantly wanting me to sit with her and look what she was doing on her computer...............but the weird thing is she was also displaying closed behaviour immediatley after, she was acting excited and then it was as if she wanted to stop it in its tracks and felt a bit like she was avoiding me until the next time she seemed excited, a bit like she was excited and then trying to blot me out the next!.

    Also, i don't want to offend anyone here so forgive me if I am being ignorant here but I have noticed with this woman I like is that I have used Andro products around her for a while and noticed when she is on her period at the bleeding stage she seems very cold/ almost to point of ignoring me when using product with Andro in them, which I thought was when a woman was most horny?? Then when she is between this stage using Andro products I have noticed she acts hot and horny around me and I can tell the Pheromones are really exciting to her, this is when she is usually glued to my neck and asking me to come over and look at something pointless on the computer just to be with me lol.

    Evolve+Xist has been great in circumstances outside work too, when stood in queues I have noticed/felt women looking at the side of my head wanting to smell me and displaying behaviour of "accidentally" invading my space. On a recent jaunt I tried 2x Evolve which seemed to have a nice effect on some women but some men were definitely giving me a WTF kind of look, not outward aggression but as if I was ruffling a few feathers, so I think I am fine with 1 spray of evolve lol!

    Anyway that was supposed to be short ha ha. Being impressed I purchased more xist as running out and have bought some Taboo and Cohesion. Excited about using these products. i was wondering if I could combine The Taboo and Xist together as Taboo has a mild but not overt sexual vibe? I was wondering if anyone would think that this combo might be better for me than the Xist+Evolve in a work situation and might not be so overt to the woman I like and maybe will be a bit calmer for her rather than being hit by the Evolve sledgehammer and her acting all hot and then cold with me . Has anyone experienced this sort of behaviour and has anyone had good experiences with Xist and Taboo?

    I was also wondering where I could use Cohesion? Is it not very good as a standalone? I imagine with Xist it would create a calm, relaxed close chatting experience? I was thinking of using Cohesion maybe with Taboo and Xist when I know she is going to be tense? So many possibilites lol! What sort of Vibe would Taboo + Evolve together create?

    Excited about using the new products, they definitely have been working for me. .

    I think it important to note to people that try pheromones and say they don't work have to realise that there are hundreds of factors each day to why say your not getting any IOI's or you are, or maybe yourself are in a bit of foul mood yourself so others react negatively. I have to admit though on days I have put effort in to be more sociable the products have worked like a dream. Big thumbs up. .

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