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College, dancing classes, nice social setting, pheromones = good combo

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  • College, dancing classes, nice social setting, pheromones = good combo

    I am in college. I live in a dorm. It is a very social place. I love it. I am trying to develop myself to be the version of myself. So far so good. I love the products: Xist, Evolve, Vibe sample, and L2k v1, some products like Cohesion and SOB are too strong for me but the others are doing good so far speaking about the effects. So, I am in college studying Computer Information Technology (Nerd-Geek school LOL!) but I love it, there aren't too many ladies that study on this field based on my experience in class, I don't see hot girls in any of my I.T. compensate for that matter. I signed up for Social Dance classes and I plant to use the pheromonexs products =) =) =) big smile on my face =).....I hope it works out for me. I am just an old-style romantic person. The kind of person who would bring flowers/roses for a lady to win her heart kind of thing. I don't intend to just get laid, I want to find my true love. I hope this works out for me!

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    Great idea, the dancing lessons. However, I would never recommend to bring flowers in a first date or bring flowers to be willing to win the heart of a lady. Bring flowers is ok, but you need to be sure that girl already fell in love with you, that she's already very invested. The movies things may work different..
    Living in Nordic climate, very cold and humid. Targets Caucasian/blond women, not really much chance to test with black, hispanic or asian. Living in a city, I target mostly 18-40 years old.
    Pheromone XS: SOB, Xist oil, Love boat, Cohesion oil & spray, Ascend -cops-, Connections, Evolve.
    Alpha dream: Alpha Maschio.
    Love Scent : scented Chikara, NPA 15ml.
    Androtics: A 314 oil (rarely use)
    Cover cologne: Armani Code


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      Yes I love the idea of the dance class thing! Good luck on your adventure and I think most women would love to be given flowers! I work in the IT field and I know what you mean, not a lot of ladies in the office. So get out there and find some and mone em up! Then report back.
      PXS: Ascend, Cohesion, Evolve, Bliss, Xist, Loveboat, PSE, XSR193(Boyfriend), SOB
      LAL: Aqua Vitae, Nude, Possess, Voodoo, Bad Wolf, DP
      PT: GOA, Swoon, Captain, AOA
      AD: Glace
      Lovescent: NNPA
      Androtics: A314 Rev 32, TUTH


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        Xist and/or taboo.


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          Ditch the flowers man. Buying a girl things communicates neediness. It's like saying "hey, I feel that your self-worth is higher than mine (aka you are worth more than me) so here's a nice boquet of flowers and some nice dinner to raise my value up to yours." NOOOOPE. Now, buying your woman things after you;re already an item, yes thats totally acceptable, and at that stage you can and should buy her things occasionally - when she deserves it.

          Tangent aside - Great idea taking dance lessons. The heat your body produces will generate a bigger, stronger phero cloud, and you get to be up close and personal with these ladies. I'm an IT guy too so I feel ya on the lack of ladies. Good luck!


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