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Recommend for a newbie, please :)

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  • Recommend for a newbie, please :)

    Hi discoverxs community

    I am still quite new to pheromones and would like your advice. If you read my introduction, I only tried those little crappy pheromones you get from restrooms (if they are popping up over the US, I am based down under). It smelled bad, but I think it really did have an effect.

    My goal is to get a girlfriend, I am fairly confident but sometimes I don't take chances and approach women enough. Is there a way or products to get women to approach me? That would take some serious pheromone magic but I am already sold on the concept, I just need some pointers on where to begin.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Taboo is friendly and flirty, and it might increase the chance of you getting "opened" by women. But, if you're looking for a product that will make women take notice and just start talking to you everywhere you go, you'll be looking for a long time. Get a job where you're forced to interact with a lot of women, wear pheromones, and make your personality shine. That's your best bet.

    Working at a movie theater in high school, I got so many opportunities (without pheromones) it was insane. I think that or being server/waiter at a restaurant that employs a lot of cute chicks would be nice stomping grounds.

    The money might suck, though, lol.


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      For women to approach you, you must have (or give the vibe of) something of value about you that they want. This requires that you're decently well-known, where your reputation will do the talking for you so that when the ladies see you, they want to approach you. If you're not known, they're going to wait and see what kind of person you are.

      What the pheromones can do is make the ladies more acceptable to you opening them so don't worry so much about rejection and just go in without a care and say hi. If you can be forward and show that it doesn't bother you whether they accept you or not, it'll be presented as "this guy's got guts and will go for what he wants", which usually is a turn on for them.

      For the mones, RTBoss hit it with Taboo as a starter. It's very easy to work with, and is usually forgiving if you go up to 3 sprays (most other mones hit you with a negative result when you spray more than you should, which you can only determine what your threshold/limit is by testing).

      - Taboo
      - Cohesion
      - Ascend
      - Xist
      - Evolve

      These are the generally-recommended items for girlfriend grabbers. Make sure you put in the work though. Pheromones are NOT magic potions that will do everything. At some point, you have to be consistent with the vibe you're giving off. Just imagine if you get a vibe of a CEO coming from behind you, only to find a timid, quiet little guy standing there. You'd be thinking, "Wait... he's giving the strong leader vibe? Nah!" and probably ignore him. You'll get very similar reactions so keep that in mind. You don't have to be fake or become someone that you normally are not. Just bring out the qualities you already have to match the vibe you're getting from the mones you're putting on.
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        Thanks for the recommendations fellas, I am definitely not timid by any means. It's just that sometimes I start rationalizing that I won't be welcomed, or that other people around me are putting the pressure on me to not say or do something stupid even though I rarely do. I am interested in Taboo and Sob, and XiST since that seems to be the closest thing I need for my goals. Will definitely check a few more threads out before I order to make sure it's right for me

        I do agree though, men should make the first move. We are not sissies!


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