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XiSt, Love Boat, - components prohibited for import to Australia replaced with ???

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  • XiSt, Love Boat, - components prohibited for import to Australia replaced with ???

    I just ordered XiSt, Barely Legal, and Love Boat for my 2nd order. Then I went deeper into the contents of the each, and realized that the following main components:

    androsterone (in XiSt)
    epi-androsterone (in XiSt)
    androsterone sulfate (in Love Boat)
    dehydroepiandrosterone (in Love Boat)

    are on the prohibited list in Australia - which is where I am. The info page says that they have been replaced with other "acceptable" components.

    I just want to be sure that Aussie versions of the above 2 products, especially XiSt, will work exactly as advertised - I'm getting this with a very specific situation in mind, and it's pretty critical that they have their specific effects.

    Can any Aussie customer who used the above products pipe in and tell me how it went - whether the Aussie version is on the level?

    Also, anyone from XS, - can you tell me which "acceptable components" took place of the above prohibited ones while keeping the results exactly the same? Please reassure me here.

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    This guy is Australian,send him a PM.
    He has a pheromone review website and according to him, xist is his no 1 pheromone.


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      Or you could try Customer support: support@pheromonexs.com 901-328-6433 Monday through Friday 11am to 7pm CST (GMT-6)


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        Hi, KatMan! We've been selling to Australia for a long time. There are molecules that act the same as those and we won't release whole formulas, but Steve guarantees you won't notice a single difference.


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          Thanks Nicole! Right on, that's just what I needed to hear . The package has already landed Down Under and should be delivered in a couple of days, - cannot wait!


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