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So What's Your Daily Application Schedule/Routine??

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  • So What's Your Daily Application Schedule/Routine??

    We all have our own ways of prepping ourselves for the day. Why not share what you do for your morning routine (and if there's any reason behind it pheromone-wise) and see if someone does something different that you might find useful?

    Starting with me...

    I'll usually wake up and go make some green tea. While that's steeping, I'll go brush my teeth and wash up. By then, tea's done and cooled enough to drink. Then I'll kill time on the computer reading stuff on here or checking out social media/Youtube/etc... An hour before I need to leave for work, I take a quick hot shower, usually using a moisturizing soap. I don't shampoo my hair (that's at night). After getting out, I'll apply 1-2 spray of cover cologne, then style my hair while letting the cologne dry.

    I'll then apply the pheromones. It's usually with Xist as the base, followed by any others I feel like putting on. Let those dry down, then apply 1 more spray of cover cologne. Put on clothes, head out to look for breakfast at lunchtime (I wake up late).

    At night when I get home, I'll usually shower again using hunter's soap to remove whatever pheromones may still be on me.
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    My morning routine...

    Wake up. Check email, check BBC, check Reuters. Check DiscoverXS.
    Roll out of bed.
    Stump over to bathroom, stare into mirror in slight confusion at that scruffy freak looking back at me.
    Scratch various parts of body.
    Take care of immediate, biological needs.
    Walk into living room, turn on the TV, wake up my computer and...
    BAM! I'm at work. Once I check in, I'll take care of various things that need doing (teeth and hair brushing, showering, etc). Now if I need to go into the office, I'll have a similar routine to yours Fdesa, minus the green tea. As for phero apps, don't wear any when I'm working from home but when I go out, it depends on the venue. But usually, I do soap and water (irish spring and one of those poofy soap things. Does a good job of scrubbing skin) and that's about it.


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