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Taboo Conundrum

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  • Taboo Conundrum

    Hi All,

    Wondering if anyone here can help explain a conundrum, which is somewhat eponymous. Whenever I use Taboo (spray, oil) it *always* attracts girls which are taken (already in serious LTR relationships, and literally never single girls . Can anyone explain 'why'? I know it's kind of in the name 'taboo', but what exactly in the mix is making it this way, and can i use that knowledge to retain the attraction / stay on her mind benefits but for single girls rather than taken ones?

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    it has a fair bit of A1 inside and some concentration molecules; first thoughts you are in the wrong mingling space for singles. second thought, Taboo puts a tall hat on you which people who are looking for risk and adventure can be attracted to, its hard to admit but they are willing to give you a shot since to them you are selected as if you are an alpha male with weight hence the fair bit of A1 in the mix. You may benefit from bringing a wing woman out with you


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      That's an interesting take - I wonder if it is more likely then to attract those currently bored with their lives (possibly why it is more effective in attracting those who are already taken). But i will try and test in other environments, it may actually be the case that environments I am testing in, people are more likely to be taken already.


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        Hey the_economist, about how long have you been testing Taboo in the time you’ve been aware of it’s effects on women in relationships? I’m looking back at my ROI’s when using both spray & oil. Why not try mixing it with a spray/oil drop of Xist or a status mone like Ascend? That way you have more of a “net” effect of pulling attention from single & taken women. You definitely make me want to buy another vial of Taboo just to put your observation to the test.


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