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Desire Me for women and glow

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  • Desire Me for women and glow

    I was looking at an old thread in the women's section where it seemed a lot of women wear the female blend desire me which gets them excited. I was wondering if anyone male has worn this female blend and as a man interested in women, if I wore it could it have a similar affect on women around me?

    I already have glow which I want to revisit wearing. I noticed the main ingredients in glow are the same as desire me but glow has some androstenone.

    I haven't worn glow much but remember liking it but not quite sure whether it was too sexual for say a work environment. I want to go full on glow experiment as think the cops and androstenone could be quite a hot mix. Has anyone used glow before?

    as a man interested in women shoukd I stick with glow or is it worth trying out desire me. I was wondering if wearing desire me at work could potentially be quite sexy without being too overt as doesn't have the androstenone in?

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